Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Eve // 2015

This is what grown ups do on New Year's Eve. I mean like old grown ups. We play giant Jenga. We use terms like "bring it" "it has been broughten" "you are going down" We sound SO cool!!
And then this happens. Bummer.
We use selfie sticks to the extreme but the pictures are so fun!
We are very goofy people!
Oh Lucas, this face! BAHAHA!
I love this man. Not sure what is going on with his face but it makes me giggle!
There may have been a cake.. and a mess... but so much fun!
And then we capture this all on Insta and FB with a cute little hashtag and well wishes. I call this a very successful and fun night! We are old but we are fun! Cheers to all!

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