Friday, December 4, 2015

Lights on the square // 2015

One of our favorite family traditions is going down the the Fayetteville square to see the lights.  We hit it somewhere in between the days where you can literally wear shorts in the winter and the freezing days. This day was freezing. Which is kinda good because we don't get talked into 4 light up swords, a few bags of cotton candy, snow cones, more light up toys, etc..

The kids were super pumped!
We did our normal dinner at Damgoode Pies and then walked down to the square. Of course, Dane wanted to be carried. Always.
Family selfie! Love this crew.
And with my little. He loves to show his tongue in selfies.
And my big guy. I just LOVE him! So much fun!
Then it was time for the camel ride. Always a must. The hubs and I always have a bet on who rode the year before as it always requires an adult. This year, Dane was actually big enough to ride with his brother. We got off the hook!
We were just pretty pumped that they could ride by themselves!
These two. Love them. Two peas in a pod!
He wanted to take his picture with just him and the hog!
Sweet boy!
This guy wasn't as easy to catch!
After a few minutes of begging to ride the ponies... of course we gave in!
Such a fun night for these Hills!!

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