Sunday, October 11, 2015

Dane's 4th bday party // 2015

If you know anything about me, birthdays are HUGE! I mean there is ONE day, ONE day a year that is all about you!!! Ok, maybe two days.. the birthday and the party. Today was the party! Let's celebrate!

This guy was super confused on the difference between the birthday, the party, when he actually turns 4 and when he gets presents. I understand, that is a lot for a little. BUT, come day of the party he was pumped and ready!
We decided to do a low key celebration at our house with our family and friends!

Chaz loves little Leighton and insists on carrying him everywhere!
We had some hay bails for them to jump and clime on.
And, as usual, the trampoline was a hit. The trampoline with swords, of course. They are boys!
Sweet Taylor.
I am pretty sure that is the highest I have ever seen a the kiddos on our swings.
Who knew some bails of hay would be such a hit!
It was unseasonably warm so we decided it wouldn't hurt to bring out the water table. The kids were all about it!
They are kinda BFFs.
Those eyes! He just melts me!
Why wouldn't you feed the toy dinosaur hay? They need food too!!
Ella. She is crazy sassy but sweetness all rolled into one!!
And this guy. He is so cute and LOVES the camera. #myfavoritekindsofkids
I also love that they ended up in the garage. If you have ever been to my house, you know it is almost impossible to keep kiddos out of the garage. I don't know why but they would rather be there than in the game room or backyard!
Anna showing off her skills.
Pizza time! As I have said so many times, it isn't a party without pizza!!!
Some of my favorite people!!
Then it was time for candles and singing. YAY!
Not impressed?
His faces are seriously cracking me up. He clearly doesn't really like our singing!
Jack loves him some cake!
Chaz loves him some babies. Even though Davis isn't really a baby anymore, in Chaz's mind, he will always be!
He is my favorite four year old. No doubt!
He isn't so shabby either! Love me some, Coop!
And my momma, she kinda hung the moon. She loves the kiddos and is always such a HUGE help to me! KSue thinks she is pretty special too!
How many kiddos can you fit on a trampoline?? I didn't count but I am sure this isn't the safest thing ever!
Oh, Campbell Kate! You.are.a.mess!!
The candy bar! It is a MUST!
One of my favorite things to do! Love!

Cookies for yet another sports theme! We love Cookies by Jenny! Her cookies are cute, affordable and DELICIOUS!!!

Candy and popcorn bags! Yes, I am crafty!
Glow sticks are always a cheep and easy thing to keep the kids busy!
Ben and his cupcake. I love this picture!
I wish this vacuum was legit. I would pay to have my backyard vacuumed. #drygrassisthedevil
Present time came after the crew evacuated the house.
He was not happy that I made him wait but agreed it was worth the wait!
Brother was sweet to help!

Oh we love this sweet boy so much! We loved celebrating him with many of our friends and family!
Thank you all for coming to celebrate our little guy!!

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