Tuesday, September 15, 2015

My baby is EIGHT!! // 2015

This guy. He is the one who made me a mommy. Nobody else will ever hold that title. He has a very special place in my heart. So big I remember asking my mom how I could possibly have enough room in my heart for another baby (good thing she convinced me I did!) Anyway, back to this guy.

For eight years he has been warming my heart, challenging me as a mom and a person, strengthening me in ways I didn't know possible and teaching me what unconditional love is. He is something amazing.
I try to always get a picture of him on his last sleep before his birthday. This year's picture turned out fantastic! He is just mind-blowing.
 Same song and dance every year. The cards that had been sent were on full display and the rickety old birthday sign and door hangers were out. I think I may need to replace those!!
 Of course we had to wake him up the next morning with lots of noise and excitement! Usually he gets up on his own but this day we made sure we were able to capture the "magic" Clearly, he was thrilled by this!
Once showered and made presentable, he was ready to go!! Neon is still his signature color. He is such and awesome kid.
 He had a great day at school and as with every year, I picked him up early with a friend in tow and then took them to do something FUN!!! I wonder if Hayes sported neon in honor of Chaz's birthday!
 Yes, we brought little brother with us!
 And they were sweet enough to include him!
 My FAVORITE game! These kiddos are pretty good at it too!
 His absolute favorite game, which is basically an electronic jump rope.
His brother just wanted to take the tickets!
 And the stinky water game!
 Daddy and the baby got to play too!
 Back to the awesome jump rope game.

 And the ticket cruncher!
 They realized the hubs was awesome at the game and could "cheat" a little by holding on to the machine.
 More of the soccer game. They loved this one!
 And then it was time for a little pizza dinner!
 They gave him a chocolate cookie pizza! Adorable!

 Such an awesome day of celebrating such an awesome kiddo!!

And just because this post made me super sappy and wanting to relive his life in pictures.. I invite you to join me. These are just some of my favorites, in no particular order. It isn't easy for a momma to narrow so..... I didn't really. Get ready for cuteness overload!
 THAT would be his first birthday cake!
 The BEST big brother!
 I refer to this as his Steve Jobs picture. LOVE!!
 This is back when he would only paint naked or in his underwear!

 C-"I'm going to hold my breath until you are nice".
T- "ok, have fun with that. I'm your mom. I'm not always nice. But I always love you!"
C- "ok, I had to breathe. I'm gonna do it again. Take a picture"
T- "Done. Now stop before you turn purple and pass out in public."
This is my life

 Happy birthday, buddy! We are so blessed to call you ours. You are so happy, caring, challenging, intelligent, kind, funny and handsome! Not all days are great but they are all worth it! I can't wait to see what the future holds for you! Keep being you!

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