Monday, August 17, 2015

Ten years without you // 2015

We celebrate this cranky old fart sweet man every year. This year he has been gone 10 years. This one pulled at my heart a little bit. Since he has passed, I have done a pretty good job at remembering the good times but this year, I remembered when he was sick. Thank goodness for that sweet little lady to his left, she keeps the world and his memory a happy one!!
Just like the previous years, we all gathered at my Meme's house for dinner and a balloon release. And yes, all you environment savers, I know it is bad but I really don't care. This is our tradition. 
This kid is just precious. He sometimes gets confused because we do this for MY Papa and my daddy is HIS Papa. I can see where that would throw you off track.
The baby hasn't a clue. He just knows he is not allowed to let go of his balloon until Meme says so! He is just a precious dude.
Yes, he is eating a candy cane in August. Weirdo!.
I just love these two!
She says a little something to that funny guy up in heaven and then we let them go!
We watch every year and try to see what it forms. Sometimes we see letters, one year we saw a cross and another we saw a heart. Who know what they will do.
And then they stole my shades.
Still watching....
No clue what this is about.
Like father, like son!
Dane went inside to show Kelsey what he could do on his Daddy's phone.
And Chaz tried to bomb every picture. Pretty typical.
I miss this dude. I wish he could have known my kiddos. He would have loved them. He would have taught they everything about the Cubbies, told me they were way to loud, ensured they NEVER stuck out their tongues  (although he could) laughed with them, enjoyed the heck out of them and most importantly, he would have taught them never to spoil the answer to Wheel of Fortune -- but again, he could shout it out at any time. Such an ornery but lovable man.  I really miss him.

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