Friday, July 31, 2015

July // 2015

This month, I am going to start with the funnies. Everyone needs a little funny in their lives!

This.. just this. It really may be funny to most but it really makes me shake.
If this doesn't make you laugh, you are not human.

My hubs has a hate/hate relationship with ol' Forrest. This really makes me giggle.
Mini giggle.
There looks to be a theme here. HA!
Saw this with my own two eyes. Proofreading is essential....
Just once, can I??
Yes, you are welcome!
True statement.
Yes, YES!!! I love my tribe.
I am really sorry they lost a love one but this is one of the strangest things I think I have ever seen. Skoal??
Hanging over at a friend's pool when the hubs shows up. Look closely, I have no understanding of why he has his swimsuit UNDER he shorts. Why?? Just WHY??
I told him to be careful and not get his shirt wet. Turned my back for two seconds and see this. Sitting, yes sitting, in the water table.
Thanks for staying dry for me, buddy.
This is me, just sitting on the side of the road in a thunderstorm......on the phone with hubs because there wasn't anything else to do. I am not the only one, right??
Annual shave-the-hubs-head day!
I told the boys I would pay them to help me. This lasted about 3 seconds. I am not sure if I ever even paid them. I think they earned about 3 cents each so I don't really feel that bad.
Who is responsible for these loomy things?!?! Chaz has this uber loomy thing which I love about as much as bubbles and Play Doh. I can't even tell you how long this took me. I think I had to redo it 3 times. Chaz was laughing at me. I don't really blame him at all!!

This was the outcome. 1) it doesn't look like a smiley face 2) it is tiny 3) it doesn't hold itself together (user error)
We decided to make cookies to lessen the blow of the hours I spent on the loomy thing. Ugh.
That hair! I seriously cannot get over how long it got. Wow!
 He had to claim them.
And then this little nugget got his cookie. He loved it but had to explain to me how he did NOT like chocolate but did like these cookies... even though they were chocolate chip cookies... hmmmmm
And then he put a stamp on his lips and his hand... time lapse was about 1 minute between the above and below.
And then he realized he could pose for me. He sure hammed it up for me.

Oh how I love him so!!
Going to the car wash is seriously one of my favorite things to do. I think it is the OCD in me. Thankfully, they love it too!
He is the WORST kid to take to a movie.. have I mentioned he is VERY talkative?!? It is cute but shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
My sweet little Meme turned 89 so we had to go take her some goodies. She was visiting the neighbor when we showed up and the boys jumped out to go get her. They were so excited!!!
He was asking who was in her pictures. It was precious.
And then they wanted to give her the goodies and cards.
Getting all three of them to look at me was a certainly a challenge.  Dane was much more interested in Karlee.
The one where he looks. BAHAHAHA!
And then they decided to play piano. Precious.

Such a wonderful time. I am so glad they are so close to her!
We had a great lake day with this sweet lady and her family!
And then I got to go see Kenny. YIPPPEEEEE! The hubs listened AND was sweet enough to join me!

Chaz wanted to take a picture of me before I left. I loves him!
SO much fun!!
Just listen..WooooooPIG!
I am pretty sure we roamed all of the Amp. I am also pretty sure everyone we knew was there. It was a blast!!
And the next day I got to snuggle with these little sweeties! Loves them!
And then some pool time with this guy!
Stone was not a fan of him being in the pool. She was so nervous that he was going to get hurt.
Goofy kids.

                                   HAPPY SUMMER!!!!

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