Sunday, July 5, 2015

4th of July // 2015

Our 4th of July revolves around family and friends. We always start out at my parents house because I believe this is hands down my father's favorite holiday.

My poor mother. Have you ever tried to play Chutes and Ladders with a 3 1/2 year old??!?! She has the patience of a saint!
The annual trip to the fireworks stand with my pops. Let's be honest, this is pretty much my favorite thing.
On top of the world!!!
He couldn't wait to light sometime on fire!

And he locked himself in the dog cage.. Goober
We actually spent the majority of the day in the pool. No worries, just hanging with the family!
To be this carefree again! Wow!
The raft bridge. Always a hit!
We headed down to my Aunt's house to shoot off the ones that go every which way. She has much more open area as my parent's have too many trees! HA!
I am not sure who was more excited, Chaz or Papa.
This was his first year really lighting them himself. I was so proud!! I mean, this is a BIG right of passage in our family!
He was really trying!
The bottle rocket shooter requires some design.
The parachutes are the favs.
They retrieve them and bring them back to Gaga.
I love this. RUN!! HAHAHA! He was safe, trust me. The picture is WAY more dramatic than it actually was!
This face. I can't explain it.
I mean, I have no idea how many we bought but we did parachutes for daaaaaaaaaays.
For days.
I guess catching them wasn't enough. Parachutes deserve to be tackled.
And then it was time for my favs. BOOM CRACK POP!!!
"Hey mom, did you see dat?!?!"
Yeeesssss Roman Candles are the boom!
Probably one of my absolute favorites!!
He was telling me something good! HA!
When you gotta go!
My loves!!

Danger!! HAHAHA! He was having a blast!
There he goes again.
Oh city boy, what are you doing?!?!
Done, done and done. Success!!
The next day we played some more! This is the hubs trying to surf. #fail
I am rolling!! Bahaha!!
I think he admitted defeat.
 Someone is MUCH better than his pops.
They have such a good time together!

Such a wonderful time. I adore my parents and always have such a blast with them!

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