Friday, June 12, 2015

Schooooools out for SUMMER!! // 2015

This kid. He is amazing. He is his own person BY FAR! And he spent the good majority of his year in first grade growing out this hair. Oh the hair.
This is how he usually looks....
Then he gets the mom wet hand and swoop to the side.
He loved first grade but he, like me, was ready for it to be over. I am pretty sure I didn't have that much homework in college. We were both exhausted and ready to start the Summer!!
His teacher, Mrs. Ward, was challenging but she sure taught him a lot and pushed him way outside of his comfort-zone. I am so proud of both of them for that!!
One of my favorite traditions is picking up some of the neighborhood kids, packing the car full and heading for snowcones!! But first, the classic school pic.. Elli's face is AWESOME!!
Quick swing through the neighborhood to grab Hayes and Turner and we were off!!
I love these kiddos, even if they won't comply with my requests for a pic.
I don't know. I just don't know. HAHA! These kiddos are amazing!!
Same liquor store sign from last year! Perfect placement.
I seriously love all these kiddos. Their happiness is contagious!
This girl is totally my jam. Love her!!
It didn't stop there! Head up the mountain and, of course, we are going to have some kind of shindig!
The kiddos just kept on coming!
The water was a little chilly!
And this precious little stunner rolled in as well!
Ella really wanted a picture with KSue.
These two have become quick friends! I love to see them smiling and playing so well! They both have crazy strong personalities so this is really a bit of a miracle but they love each other!!

And then Mr Kirk brought out this killer slide! The kids could not wait!!!
I really have no idea what is going on here but it sure makes me laugh!
This isn't all the kids but I did my best to get the majority! Some couldn't be bothered with my silly picture opportunity!
And then it was time.... Split into two teams and get read
And then the EPIC fail... Did you know water balloons filled with shaving cream BOUNCE on asphalt?!?! YEP!
So kids try to stretch them, squeeze them, throw them as hard as possible, sit on them, etc... no luck! It was a riot to watch!
Finally, I guess they go warm enough to finally pop! And the madness began!!
Even the hubs got in on the action!!
With some help from Brooke! Don't worry, he got her back! HAHAHAHA! Silly adults!
Oh Elli, you kill me!!!
Lemley still looks adorable even when she is covered in shaving cream!
I am fairly certain Aven did this to herself!! HA!
AJ could not figure out the craziness!
Yes, I am raising THREE!!
He tried to get April but I think she won with the hose!
And then the adult crazies... Ryan retaliating against Brooke!
Got her!!
These kiddos had an absolute blast!!
Except KSue, she was NOT having it with the mess on her arm!
We tried to order the Ice Cream Truck to come through but the number we had from last year was no longer, McGowan to the rescue!! He went to the store to get a variety of popsicles and drove up playing the Ice Cream Truck song! Winning!!!
BUT he lost because he had a crazy amount of handprints and shaving cream on it pretty truck!
And more swimming!
I LOVE this little face! She is one of my favorite people on the planet!!
The kids were such a mess!!
Yes, his lips were blue. I guess they required warmed water!!
This face, seriously! I have seen many faces of KSue but nothing like this one. BAHAHA!
Of course, we weren't done yet. In strolls another neighbor with a FULL cooler of water balloons. NORMAL water balloons!
Let the games begin!
And then the sun started to go down and the grown-ups came out to play!
And we can't forget it was someone's birthday!!!
She never wants to do anything for her birthday so pulling this off took a tribe. Thanks, ladies!
Of course she had some help blowing out the candles! Happy Birthday, Brooke!
Cupcake cheers!

Buds. Eating cupcakes, watching the game some random Disney something.
How could I not share this?!?! HA!
These faces!! Goofball kids!
That is one way to travel in style!
But before I leave, let me do a few circus tricks for you!
Of course, with every good party comes golf cart rides!
I love this picture of Chaz and Hayes, it is like Chaz is pushing Hayes' head into the right picture spot. I have no clue what Turner is downing but do note, it is kid friendly whatever it is!
And with this, I wish you a wonderful Summer full of adventure and fun! I know we look forward to it!!

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