Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June // 2015

June was fantastic. I planned to have the Summer off and hang with my boys. Let the fun begin!!!

It started with this craziness! It was a great fundraiser and fun to watch the flocking go around the neighborhood!!
I caught them in the act! BAHAHAHA!!
We enjoyed many summer evenings with friends. Note: This is not our baby. Our friends are so trusting!!
and had some great evenings in the neighbor's pool!
My house was ALWAYS full of kiddos. Our snack budget skyrocketed but nothing makes my heart happier than kiddos in my house!
We lost a ton of teeth. I am not sure how he is going to eat!
We celebrated some birthdays with surprises!! Happy Birthday, John!!
Such a fun night! I love these ladies!
We avoided buying every toy in sight by taking pictures. A little of this is bday planning but more of it is parental sanity. And yes, he is totally sporting his pjs at Walmart.
We did a little Summer planning. We love this tradition!
What do you do when you lose a ball down the street drain?
You use the older brother as the retriever.
What do you do when one of your best friend's calls you and tells you her child slammed his arm in the car door and had a seizure? Well first you panic, then you drive as fast as possible to go get the rest of he kids.  We took the two littles so April could be at the ER with Ethan. It was a scary morning!
The hubs took one for the team and took the kiddos to the library so I could go to the hospital to be with April and Ethan.  He is something amazing!
I got to see this little dude and make sure he was ok. The great news was his arm/elbow was not broken and the seizure was basically his body reacting in shock to the pain he experienced. He milked it when Miss Misti brought him a cake pop!
His momma is probably going to kill me for posting this but I absolutely love this picture. This is the moment when she was certain he was going to be ok. A mother's love, there is simply nothing like it!!! And she is one of the best ones I know!!
After some of the pain wore off, he was back to his adorable smiley self!
Showing me his wiggly tooth!
And he lost it!!!
And then I posted this... Soon I got a text from my mom questioning my mathematicals skills... This was NOT "numero eight" but actually numero six....Oops!!
Dumb dog....
Sweetness. PURE sweetness!!
And my child, who is usually scared of everything, finds a frog toad and decides to love on him.
The trio. So cute!
Mid afternoon naps in my bed? Don't judge.
I love these boys!!
I got to attend Lady A with one of my favorite ladies. My sweet hubs drove us to the amp and then came back and picked us up after the concert. He dropped us off at the gate so we didn't have to walk, good thing because 3 seconds after he dropped us, the sky fell out. Luckily, my girl told me to bring my poncho so we were saved. And we had killer seats so we only got wet when we went to get beers!!
Checking the weather while there I was calling BS!!
Kelsey Ballerini opened and she was great!
And Hunter Hayes. He is just precious!!
 It just kept coming!!
This is my worried face. Thanks dude in the back for the awesome bomb! HA!
By this point, we didn't care. We were having a BLAST!!
Yep, no cares! BTW, April is a genius because not only did she tell me to bring my poncho, she also brought me a koozie! I loves her!!
He was fantastic!!
There was a crazy long delay but eventually we got to see Lady A!
Put your lighters cell phones in the air!!!
I did a LOT of cleaning/organizing/decluttering/etc while I was off work. I had a helper some days!!
pj shirt and regular pants rolled up... He is my precious buddy!!
I never cared about him growing out his hair. It is hair. Let him fly, right? Well, I looked at him one day and decided it was time to, at least, trim this thing.. I couldn't let him looked like his momma didn't love him!!
This is the style. I just have to tell myself that. He LOVED it!!
And I think he is SO handsome!!
Yes, this is a different day. The shirt is flipped HA! Kiddo loves his neon.
He has the biggest heart! Pulled to the side of the road to save this little turtle. He is so kind.
What do you do when you have some extra tires hanging around the house? You put kids in them and roll them down the hill....duh.
SO much fun!!
And sometimes adults want to play too! BAHAHAHA! That didn't work!
The twins bday at Shogun! Yes, we  put the kids at a different table.
He seriously couldn't be any cuter!
I am so lucky to be surrounded by so many fathers in my life. These are some FANTASTIC dads! Happy Father's Day!!!
And I got to see some super adorable sweetness take place. He loves them so much and they adore him!
Although they are oil and water, they are still so very similar.
And after dinner with the FIL and fam, the boys decided they wanted to ride home in the "limo" as Chaz calls it. It isn't a limo, it is a convertible.  Goofy kids.
May be breaking some child labor laws here but he only lasted about 3 minutes...so I think I am in the clear!
**Heart exploded**
And this may be the funniest thing I have ever found on my phone.. Our Bunco group tried to do a group selfie with the selfie stick and little did I know that if you place it on the stick incorrectly, the photo burst button gets held down... 716 pictures later we have an awesome group of pictures. I, obviously, didn't post them all but these are hilarious. You can watch it all play out. The best part is when we figure out what is happening. We laughed for days! Enjoy!
If you are not laughing by now, you aren't human.
Oh look, there is a good one!!
And then the aftermath, this may be the best part!!
And we figured it out. We couldn't make it stop or stop laughing but we figured it out.
Sorry, Meg. I love you but this is the best picture ever!!

716 pictures... 716. I am crying just looking at these. BAHAHAHA!
We had some fun activities this Summer. One of which was tie dying. We invited Hayes and Kat down and made one for Dane and KSue. I didn't know if this was going to be painful so I figured an "all in" mentality was the best approach. It was actually really fun! We will be doing this again!!
And they all turned out so good!!
I walked into the living room one morning to this. "Momma, dey tied me up! Dat guy and dat one and dis one. Dey all tied me up!!" This kid is freaking hilarious!!
What do you do when you are hanging with your awesome friend and you want your other awesome friend to come join you? You send her a picture of your awesomeness! Duh.
These two. I have no idea how I ever get any sleep. See that little blonde dude? He climbs up in bed with me every night/morning and says he wants to snuggle and that he is scared. I don't push him away because he is the best snuggler in the world. The other guy, well he tends to start out in the middle or even more towards my side. By morning, I have a death grip on the edge of the bed and usually no covers. It isn't fun. Please take note of the twin size portion of bed on the other side of him. What?!?!
"Momma, I got dees. Der are free of dem!!" He is just adorableness!
The lap dog really isn't much of a lap dog anymore but she sure tries.
Putting balls in a baby's shirt tends to confuse them.
Looking at his momma with the face of "Why did you let them do this to me??!"
And then at me with the face of "Why the heck did you do this to me?!?!"
More sun, more kiddos, more water.
I am not sure why he is wearing his clothes, but he is.
Kirk is a genius! He got a free car wash out of the kids and this isn't even his kid!
Good job, Miles!

Eventually, Turner joined in but I think he was just there to play with the sprayer.
Lemley needed an audience for her roller blade show.
I mean, when you are this precious, who wouldn't want to watch you skate??
They are freezing but wanted to keep playing!
BFFs. Totally BFFs. The bromance between these two is strong! Not sure why the hubs is double fisting but Beckett doesn't seem to mind.
We spent some quality time at my parent house swimming and enjoying their company. Stone decided to jump in after one of the boys. They were perfectly fine but apparently Lassie thought someone was in trouble. After that, the hubs thought she needed to ride the raft. She wasn't very excited about it.
Chaz wanted some "major action shots." I love this kid!
And I guess Dane wanted a piece of the action as well. Precious!
This is his new trick this Summer. He is about 50/50 on the landing. Sometimes he sticks it and sometimes it looks like he broke his back. This one was the latter.
Papa told him he needed to check and make sure everything was attached before jumping in the pool. Poor little gullible soul.

Ears? CHECK!
Tummy? CHECK!
Arms? CHECK!
Chaz worked on his dive this year. He got better as the Summer went on but as of June, he wasn't in the best form. BUT it was very fun to watch!
Then brother got in on the action and told him to hold his ears when he jumped in!
Another attempt at a dive.
They are both just so much fun!
Gaga helping him with his goggles.
I don't think we got them on quite right.
But he clearly doesn't care.
Fishing for pool toy fish with Gaga.
Yes, he decided to use his mouth.
SUCH the goofball!
Then it was time for a little slam dunk contest.
He wouldn't really dunk it but said he was. HA!

The classic Dane one eyed point. He does this every time!
More checking before jumping. HAHAHAHA!
He took the "grab your knees when you do a cannon ball" very literal
So much fun!!
I think this is cheating!
The faces these kids make. HAHAHA!
We spent a lot of time playing and having fun but there were also days when my OCD took over and I would clean/organize/purge/etc all.day.long. 

I discovered my child is STILL a hoarder. I swear I tossed two trash bags full of garbage. Well, I guess to me it was garbage, to the kid it was probably irreplaceable treasure.  Ugh.
After cleaning his room, I moved on to the kitchen. Now I know what you are thinking. Hoarder? I see where he gets it but I don't see this as hoarder but rather a deep love for tongs. HA! But seriously, why does one have so many tongs?!?!?
The car was also subject to my crazy cleaning frenzy.
I also painted our metal razorback sign (top right) I made a cool marquee at J2J (bottom right) and I chalk painted the outside fridge, complete with a red Razorback (left)
And then I really lost it. I re-stained all of cabinets in my house -- 4 bathrooms, kitchen and laundry room. I am pretty sure my husband thought I had seriously lost my mind.

                               BEFORE                               AFTER
I think they turned out AMAZING!!
And now for the funnies. As always, gloves off below this point. There could be profanity, inappropriate comments, something not PC, etc... If you are easily offended, jump ship now.

This is my go-to for any of my girlfriends who are having a craptastic day.. I mean how could this NOT make you laugh. Fun fact, Brit actually shaved her head on my birthday. I remember being at my parents house and it being all over the news.

Lets be honest, have you met the grandmas? They are amazing.....and cannot be controlled!
Random. Chaz's Batman symbol. He was so proud and really wanted to send it to Uncle Shane. My brother has drawn Batman symbols for as long as I can remember.
And this is even more gold.
So, I have this friend. I love you, Misti!!
I swear it was sunny when I left the house. What in the world?!? Why does this happen every time I go to Walmart?!?!
Told you, gloves off. Butt (see what I did there) don't tell me you didn't laugh.
You would have really figured I would have got more blogging done this Summer. This was my usual resting place. Sometimes I would blog but more times than not, I would just enjoy my kiddos playing and laughing. Ahhhhhhh... Summer is awesome!
Most days. Ok, fine.. everyday.
Maybe my Bunco group should invest in these. Or not. This is quite possibly the most ridiculous product I have ever seen but it certainly made me giggle.
And to my friends, thank you! I love you all. Thank you for hanging with me, thanks for shopping with me, thanks for having lunch with me, thanks for making me laugh, thanks for not letting me spin into a complete OCD tunnel with all my free time, thanks for having drinks with me, thanks for hanging with my kids, thanks for sharing your kids with me and thanks for just being you. My tribe is amazing!!

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