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So I didn't get a picture with my boys on Mother's day and I didn't get a picture with my momma, but I did get this gem. I adore these two and they are oh so fond of each other. I really think they would just hang out all day if I would let them!
So I just couldn't hold this for the funny section.. There was this thing that popped up on FB saying you could upload your photo and it would guess your age and gender. Although it guessed my boys as girls and the ages were off (Dane was 2 in this picture, Chaz's was accurate with 6) but lets focus on something else.... MY age, yep! Thirty FOUR! I was thirty six in this picture... and then let's venture over to the hubs, bahahahahahaha!!!! FOURTY EIGHT!! Yep. I am rolling because, if you don't know, the hubs is a mere 3 months younger than me but every year for those three months, he tells me everyday how I am older... but the interwebs says otherwise. BAHAHAHAHA!
Fun spring days invading the neighbors swing! I wish I had one of these on my front porch.
And the photobomb... I mean it has been a minute or two. This kid is a pro.

I mean why wouldn't you put yourself on the floor to watch cartoons with your brother??
BFFs being super silly. I love these kiddos!
I mean, look at those faces!!! Pure joy!
And then they settled (a little) to watch a movie in my bed. Such cuties!
So I haven't mentioned in a day or two about how AWESOME my parents are! We have lived in our house for 5 years and our upstairs deck was looking pretty rough. Soooooo, in their true style, they decided to come over and rebuild it. Now to be clear, they totally put my butt to work but we did it....and they remain totally awesome!! I am so blessed!!
And this was the day my husband decided to by a fish. There is some major backstory and irony here but I will keep that one to myself. The baby loves his fish! His brother named them Chaz and Dane. Original, huh? I will tell you a funny story about said fish. So me, being the ryan-this-was-a-terrible-idea kinda girl, called it on day one. "They won't live. You will kill them. You don't know what to do with a fish" Picture it day two, Chaz comes running in our room yelling "Dane died!" Of course, I turn as white as a ghost and panic but Chaz quickly recognized my angst and goes "The FISH Dane died" Whew, ok.. we can fix that. We convinced him, like any other parent would, that Dane was just sleeping. Hubs admitted I was right (YES!) and made a quick trip to Petco for another Dane goldfish! 
Sweetness! He sleeps like an old man! Seriously, he looks just like his papa when he falls asleep in his recliner.
Unfortunately, we lost a good friend this month. Bill was a good friend of ours from college. It was sudden and a big loss. Pray for his sweet wife and twin little girls. We will miss his zest for life, larger than life personality, extreme positivity and amazing laugh. God speed, my friend!
This popped up on my FB the day we said goodbye to Bill. it was just so fitting. He was always happy. Seriously, always! He could turn a bad day into a good one in no time flat. The world needs more of that! The world needs more Bills.
Kids... they bring the smiles, they bring the love. During the evening celebration for Bill, I turned and saw this on the concrete. I am not sure if it was drawn by his kiddos or one of the other kids who joined but it sure brought a smile to my face.
And so fitting that my children chose the Lob for lunch the next day. I never waited tables but the hubs and so many of our friends spent many a shift inside this building... many with Bill. So fitting.
Onto a happier note, last summer I found a poor pathetic plant on the sale aisle at Lowes. I have a brown thumb, totally brown, but I decided to take it home and plant it in a great spot in my front yard. I had no clue what it even was... low and behold, it was peonies!! WHAT?!?! These are by far one of my favorite flowers ever!! Did that really happen? I couldn't have planned it if I tried!
And to be able to trim them and have them on my kitchen counter? LOVE!
And Dane loved it so much, he had to show it off to his buddy! So cute!
He is like one of the kids. He is so proud of his accomplishment.
Dentist time! He is SUCH a good patient!
But not the best with the paparazzi.
He had to have a cavity filled so we got some good laughs with the silly gas.
When she gets out she runs, but she always comes back...... and I will admit, there are days when I don't want to open the door. Love her but momma needs a break.
So this happened... We went away with some friends for a weekend in Branson. We were gone Friday and Saturday night... Saturday afternoon we get a text from our neighbor showing us that this was in our front yard tree.. WHAT?!?! We were literally sitting right next to said tree with the neighbors the Thursday before. HOW did this happen so fast?!?! Well, it did. How do you remove it? Post this picture on FB and people flock! I knew the bee population was low but I didn't know so many people wanted bees. WHAT?!?! It was easy and they are gone... I just hope they never come back. Talk about heebie jeebies!!

Sometimes I have genius moments...sometimes they revolve around pool noodles. The first time was putting them under the fitted sheet on the toddler bed to keep the kiddos from rolling out... GENIUS! The second time was this. Do your boots struggle to stand up? Solve. GENIUS!!
My sweet pup. So sweet!
The things the boy teaches the baby. Hilarious!

And this cutie. Back in October we did this for 18 days... hopefully this one is short lived.
Sometimes Rise and Shine with brother turn into photo opportunities with the baby. This keeps him smiling and happy. Isn't he a doll?!?!
Hayes is pretty much my second child. I feel Jen would say the same about Chaz. I often find these two crazy brains doing interesting tasks. They usually involve building something. Sometimes it is on Minecraft, sometimes in fort formations and sometimes with lots and lots of wood.
And 99% of the time, it turns into some kind of competition... 
And then there is this... this dog. Thank the good Lord she is pretty because she is NOT the brightest crayon in the box.
And then there is this. This is his I-am-sweet-but-somewhat-evil face. I love this face. He was actually NOT up to anything bad this time! Check the one sock action. HA!
Pretty girl! Dumb girl! Pretty girl!
I know you hear a lot about this lovely lady but I really just can't get enough. She pretty much hung the moon. She is amazing. Did I mention she is almost 89... and sitting on the floor playing a game with her GREAT grandchild? She is such the spring chicken and he has no idea how blessed he is to be able to have the moments with her!
Annnnnnnd then THIS happened. Yes, they keep each other young. No, this was not staged. They could pretty much both get each other to do anything.
A little rain doesn't scare Dane out of the pool....or Batman or Ironman or the headless Sin Cara
Papa got a motorcycle and there was a little dude who was oh so anxious to ride it. He looks like a bit of a caricature with this big ol' head.
I love this face. It is timed just perfect that maybe he didn't think this was the best idea. HA!
I love how the bobble-head can't get positioned.
We ended up at Braum's for some pre-dinner ice-cream. That is how we roll when we are at Gaga and Papa's!
And then I won Mother of the Year... We got back to my parent house and Chaz and my dad vacated the bike. The baby then ran over to the bike. He was a little far back from bike so we didn't think much of it but he is fast and he moved.. he moved to crawl up on the bike and his little leg hit the exhaust. *sad face* Now here is where I insert how much of a badass this kid is, he literally stepped back and said "Hmmm, my leg has fire" in a very calm voice with only a few tears in his eyes. He never freaked out, he never wailed. He was a boss! He still talks about the fire as if it is a badge of honor.
This is really my forte. I can get them to sleep in the car like nobody's business! True talent.
So the hubs had a birthday this month. He is kinda awesome, kinda weird and we kinda love him!
Nothing says bday like a shot and a sombrero!
Of course he wanted a picture in the hat! Silly kid!
I look forward to Bunco night every month. I know I will have a blast, a ton of laughs, good food and cold drinks...These ladies are awesome!!
I love being able to see my kiddo on stage. And his sock choice is stellar!
Love when they are sweet and get along. Check Chaz's arm around his brother. Precious!!
Saturday afternoon hangouts in my bed watching movies. Awesomeness!!
The next morning Dane crawled into our bed and Chaz wrapped around him and asked for a picture. How adorable is this??
I heart sleeping babies!
This month was a month of extreme change. I made a life change that would affect myself and my family. It was hard to make such a jump (because I am totally by-the-book and the stability of my family) but I decided to leave my job of 13+ years. In short, I needed something new, I needed a new happy, I needed a refresh, I needed something I decided to jump. Two feet and JUMP!  I had the blessing of the hubs and I knew I would be a better person moving forward. I had seen these same doors, these same people/friends and these same clients for 13+ years. To say I wasn't sad would be a lie. I miss a big majority of the people. I grew up here. I started working here when I was 23, newly married and starting my life. I have made lifelong friends through my relationships here -- internally, client and vendors.  I decided to spend the summer with my boys and I am so glad I did!! You will have to wait for the September blog to here the rest of the story, but trust me, it is all good! Life is good. The decision was the right one.
I found this little gem while packing up my stuff. The co-worker who made this for me left the company probably 6 years ago.. but this is a symbol and I kept it. Some people just leave a mark on you. Thanks for that, Maya. You were not just a co-worker, you were and are my friend. My origami swan now has a safe place in my house :)
And the awards...
I had so much support throughout this transition. My sweet family and friends were all so wonderfully supportive. My sweet friend sent me this awesome plant..... which I have killed, brown thumb I tell ya! Sorry, Misti!
And some knew a celebratory beer was necessary. If you know me, you know I am a Bud Light girl but there are some occasions that call for a step up. Thanks, Jen!
I also received so many words of encouragement. So many. I knew I was making the right decision for myself and my family! These are just a few I received. I love my friends and family! They know just how to make it feel alright. Stay tuned to hear about my AMAZING summer and where I landed.
With that, I end with a few funnies. Enjoy!

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