Saturday, May 9, 2015

Big Lil turns the big 0-1 // 2015

When Big Lil turns one, we show up for the party! Of course we do!!!

Dane was ready ALL.DAY. When I told him it was finally time, he had present in hand and a yogurt drink (which has nothing to do with anything)
Meg made this adorable board with pictures for Lil every month! Adorable!
The kids were crazypants!
BAHAHA! Don't worry! He wasn't hurt!
Such a cutie!
And +1 for me... Yep, I put my beer in the kid's highchair. Go me!
Sweet little Beckett! This kiddo just melts me!
I love the wink face. It has been going solid for a year!
Maybe he is teaching his friends!
My girls with a side of Ethan!
And my sweet Collister girls! They are awesome and gorgeous!
Lillian and Jack's sweet babysitter even joined the festivities!
Birthday girl!
And nothing better than baby feet!
This face! It kills me! BAHAHA!
Who knows what Jack was excited about but it was certainly something good!
Total mess face.
And then he pulled a total boy. I guess the pants need to come all the way down. Hilarious!
They were playing "sleeping."
Momma and her girl! They are some of my favorites!
This momma and her girl are some of my favorites too!!
And Beckett.. Oh my boyfriend!!
Ethan wasn't having my camera. He decided to play a little shy.
Lemley... Miss I-never-take-off-my-helmet.. Precious!
Kylie decided she wanted some time with the bday girl!
And her cake! To.die.for!!
My child decided to sit in a box. Goofball!
The gang.
And then it was time to sing and celebrate this girl! I just adore that little face!!
Happy Birthday, Lil! You are so loved!! And your dad really needs to hand over that cupcake. It is clear you want it!
Seriously, give the kid her cupcake. 
And a few with big brother! Such a sweet family!
Finally.. Finally!
And she was NOT a fan!
But her brother was!
Nope, still not happening!
This is all she had!
He is wrapped.. Totally wrapped!
Her BFF Blair loved her cupcake!
I just love all these kiddos so much!!
Such a cute banner Lil's momma made for her!
Some of the dudes! Yes, they were there too!
Back to my boyfriend! The love is real!
Present time!!
Now she is good! That is my kind of a girl! Presents make her happy!

She is creeping on my boyfriend. Preciousness!
The boy. The baby. And his momma!
And this boy. He is my real boyfriend. He has my heart. Such a dollface and a ham!
He wasn't excited about that. HA!
More presents!!
Ummmmmm, eating babies? Really, Lil??
 Sorry, Meg. I just couldn't help it! Your face is a riot!
Newly formed BFFs. They are going to be trouble when they get older. They are adorable
Happy birthday, sweet girl! I hope you had an amazing birthday! I am so happy to be a part of your life! You are precious and put a smile on our faces!!
This may be my favorite ever! So sweet!
And then you have this one.. HAHA! Lil's fave is awesome!
She thinks she is pretty funny!!
Such cuteness all in one person! We adore you sweet girl!!

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