Saturday, May 30, 2015

3 equals 12 // Hollingsworth birthdays // 2015

When you have three little triplet buddies who turn four, you show up to PARTY!! My pictures turned out terrible because of the lighting and crazy kids but I refused to let this one go undocumented. It was such a fun time!!

From the first moment we entered Gymnastic Joe's, the kids went crazy... literally crazy!!
This neon kiddo was on cloud nine!!
His brother was feeling it too!!
Oh wait, there is a blur of a birthday boy!
My biggest boy got involved...of course, he did!
"I'll save you!! Reach out!!"
That hair. Even in blur it is amazing!!
Tossing bday babies! Such a good time!
Big slides are always a hit. That face!!
Making girlfriends!
Losing it! Get your crazy on, kid. We won't judge you!
Simply amazing!
Another bday boy! They were all having such a good time!!
Ava showed up in style! What a doll!
Kristal has always done separate cakes for each of the boys.. This year she certainly did not disappoint! Each one got their own Avenger cake. Dane was totally jealous!
Blue cake? Why not!
After cake we went back to children tossing!
And running and jumping!!
and flipping!
Such a great time had by all!! Happy birthday! We love you Ryder, Driver and Cruz!

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