Saturday, April 4, 2015

Egg and bunnies and kiddos // 2015

This Easter we had a bit of a flip flop weekend. Stay with me, it is a little nutty! We started out at my parents house. Let the kids play a little and enjoy the family.
Yes, we brought the dog. No, she doesn't understand pool covers.
The goal was to make sure we dyed the eggs before the hunt the next day. In doing so, we donned  some pretty awesome outfits (aka Papa's old undershirts)
They randomly played some football before it was time to dye the eggs. I love the faces in this picture! HA!
I don't think the baby remembers doing this last year. He was very confused.
I love the fact that Meme is able to be here for these special moments. My kiddos just adore this red head!
Everyone wanted to get in on the action!
So confused.. We put them in a bag!?!?
Happy! I get to make messes!!
Guess who lasted the longest?
I think they did pretty good. Don't worry. Dane only broken half of them. He is a little rough.
More football in what now looks like a dress and his purple socks. BAHAHA!
I love this face! He is my light!!

The fun game of "toss the ball on the roof." Didn't we all do this?!?! I love this game!

Sweet Molly girl!
Papa showing Dane how to crack pecans. Which could be translated to Dane being able to smash something with a rock. Same thing.
Later that afternoon, we headed to the Hills to celebrate Ryan's brother and sister's birthdays. This was the switch up of this year. Thank goodness our family all lives within an hour of each other. It makes it easy to switch things around, if needed.

Baby found some candy in his car seat. Awesome, blue candy! I guess this will match his blue dyed hands!
We made it to MahDah's house. Let the cousin fun begin!!
I think he was ready to hunt the eggs! He was so excited!!
I think they were all SO excited!!
We let the littles go first so we knew they would get a bit of a head start.
And then the bigs were able to come lightening speed!!!
This kid was committed.
I think Davis was over it before it even started. This kid is a doll!
Chaz is so awesome with the littles. He didn't care what was in his bucket. He wanted to help his little cousin. #raisingthemright

Dane was a beast! He was having a ball!
Ben stopped mid-hunt and decided to count and check out his loot.
Dane showing Dah his loot!!
And the always-a-favorite cousin picture! There are eight of them in NWA. The oldest is 9, the youngest is almost 2... and we have FOUR seven year old boys + another girl and another boy. This is NOT an easy task!
Dane refused to play along in the ones above. At least they are all looking forward in this one.
And then they got silly.
Which they are so good at doing! Stinkin' cute kids!
She wanted a picture by herself!
And Jackson wanted to check out his loot too!
He got a golden egg!!
I really don't think Dane knew there was candy in the eggs. He hates chocolate so he was just tossing the M&Ms and such to the side. It was my job to pick it up before it melted. Thanks, buddy!
Afterwards, a little friendly game of football.

Taking sides.
Nice catch!!
Sweet girls. Just watching!
Crazy time!
And of course, the big boy had to be involved.
The hubs trying to explain the rules to his boy.
Love this!!!
Love this. Love my little Razorback.
The next morning, it was back to my parents house. The group Easter basket. I love this tradition. I just fill up this bucket and call it good. No arguing and they are excited to see what the other got!
Possibly my favorite picture EVER!!!!!
Who knew Minecraft toys were such a struggle.
Venom. He was in awe.
Who knew someone could be so happy about a $1 cup??
And some nerds.
This grin. I'm so in love!!
Cards and gifts from Gaga and Papa. These boys are so loved.
And then, unfortunately, it started POURING!! We had to do this a few years back and maybe a few years before that, we can do this!
"Hey guys, can you smile before we hunt the eggs?"
"Ummm, ok.... so now try to not to look like you are in pain. MUCH better!!"
More candy = more blue faces.
We made them go in a back room while we hid all 2,304,938,405,986,578,034 eggs. Seriously though, there were a gazillion!!!!!
This is about half the candy in the eggs AND we had a lot filled with money too AND just two little kids to find it all!!
And they are off!!!
Lonely little chicken.

I know it is a total blur but I love that his skivvies are showing.
He could not understand why there was an egg in his shoe. He was not very happy about this one.
Wonderful Easter weekend!! I love all the kiddos, all the families, everything!!!

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