Saturday, March 7, 2015

Peppa // 2015

What happens when your BFFs (KSue and Jack) as you to go to the movies to see Peppa Pig?!?! You get all studded up in your Spiderman vest and go!!

And ready to cheese it up.
OMG. Could you just eat them up!?!?!
I love KSue checking her boys. Silly boys.
And her sweet little cousin joined us too!!
Why yes, it is impossible to get a good picture of four crazy excited little people!!

Momma and her girl!
What else would you do with a free Peppa bucket? Duh.
Momma and her boy! So cute!
Oh look! Even I got a little camera time!
Adorable cousins!!
Love some George!
And after sitting in a theater for about 45 minutes with a LOT of melting kiddos (ours were doing great, considering) they FINALLY started the show. OMG. So we are all thinking it would be maybe an hour's worth of shows. A little over an hour in, we all bailed. The kids LOVED it at first but the attention span of 2-5 year-olds is not fantastic AND it was lunch time. Oh and even better, the shows were the exact ones we have at home on DVD. Dane was basically reciting them, in his cute little British voice (Adorable!!!)
Afterwards they got to do a little meet and greet with Peppa.
KSue wasn't completely about it but the boys pretty much thought they were meeting the President.
Such a fun day! We love some Peppa and I love how she turns Dane's voice British!!

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