Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Weekend with the Lanes // October 2014

 I love getting an email from one of my best friends asking if we would be up for an overnight in Branson, just randomly. Ummm, yeah!

We headed up Saturday morning with plans to meet the Lanes at Silver Dollar City.

When the potty trained kiddo says he needs to pee, you stop and pee.. funny thing is, he is not yet in the stage to stand up and pee so it became very interesting for his Daddy. Of course I had to take a picture or two. HAHA!
 Nice improvise!
 And then the selfie king got a hold of my phone... sneaky...
 Here is the full impact...This kid.
 He even took video evidence.
 We tried to take the famous sign picture but this is as good as it was getting!
 Sweet Grady!
 Chaz and Cooper waiting to ride the teacups.
 He was pretty pumped. He loves the teacups and Daddy won't ride them. I get the teacups, Daddy gets the carousel. I know, my weakness is totally odd. I am ok with it. 
Cooper was pretty excited too. I think he was feeding off Chaz's excitement. I document this 1) because he is adorable and I love him 2) because he absolutely lost his sH!t after crossing the threshold of the ride. I mean, epic. I looked at Destiny and we had this "Let's do this" look. We decided in that moment that we were in for this and we were going to make him ride it. We honestly thought he would get better once we got the ride going. At one point we look over and see Mike hovering on the other side of the rail, waiting for the final break and quick passover. Nope, we are not giving in.

If you have ever been to SDC you know it takes a century to get the ride going. They are beyond slow. So if you multiply a century with a screaming toddler, you get one amazing showing of our Mother-of-the-Year skills. He survived, he was pissed, he didn't end up liking it as we thought he would, D and I were laughing, it was fun! Mark that one for the record books.
 After that wonderful event, we headed to the gun ride. Nothing makes kids happier than the gun ride. Before entering we had to take a few pictures. Duh.
 Seeeeeeeeeeeeeee, he survived and he still loves me. 
 Then we were off to the elephants. My husband is such a good sport. I am not sure how the legs of a six foot grow man fit in these rides but he does it without complaint. I secretly think he loves it.
 Ladybugs. This is Cooper's fav. Dane was all about the photo ops.
 Chaz, not so much!
 more. What a ham!
 Then we moved on to the frogs. This is a fav of both my boys! Cooper, not so much.
 This is the face of complete disappointment when your BFF abandons the frogs. Sorry kid, I have already traumatized him today, I'm not forcing the frogs on poor Coop.
 But they continued.. And loved every moment of it!
 Back to the ladybugs. As you can see, Dane was not happy 1) that he was on the ladybugs again 2) that he couldn't get in with Cooper. 
 And this one obviously thought he was driving a racecar. Goofy kiddo. 
 I always let him play at least one game and we have figured out darts are the way to go. Winner every time and the people are so nice! They have given Dane prizes just because he is cute.
 Back to the frogs. You can tell we don't make it out of the kid land side of SDC.
 More ladybugs. Do you think this is his fav??!?!
We had a few more rounds of bugs, frogs, guns and an epic mistake to take the kiddos to the ball pit not knowing they were under construction for the new Fireman's Landing... again, epic. Sorry kiddos! We headed off to dinner with these littles and gave up all rules of phones and dinner... it didn't matter, we were exhausted and a cold one was calling my name!! Note: I swear these kiddos could be brothers!
 The next morning Chaz was all about this little guy. He was up with him and all he wanted to do was play with and hold him. Aren't they precious?!?!
 They adore each other!!
 and Coop thinks they are funny. The toddlers were in rare form that morning. I am pretty sure we threatened them a bagillion times and had several time outs. Good times!
 Grady was hungry for breakfast....
 Guess who decided he wanted to feed him. Precious! I think Destiny would keep him if I would let her.
 After taking the picture above, I head some giggles coming from our room...
 Complete chaos.
 And then this happened... yes, I am the mom who takes a picture like this and laughs hysterically. Why wouldn't I?? He is a riot! I apologize to anyone on the other side of the window. Hee hee.
 We had to hit the playground before we headed home. 
 We always have so much fun with this family! We love the Lanes!!!

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