Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Taylor turns 4! // October 2014

When her momma moved in, Dane was four months old and Taylor was barely 1. Now she is four. What in the world?? I really feel like time is moving too fast. My momma always said this was going to happen when I had kids but I didn't realize how true it was.
Brooke decided to have a backyard party, which was beyond perfect. She is lucky and Tay's bday falls in October so she gets to do something fun... hold please for that surprise.

We started with some backyard swinging....
Play-yard playing.... check AJs face. Classic!

Baby lovin'
And then it was time to get down to business. You see, October = pumpkins and pumpkins = painting and all of that =s a GREAT TIME!!

Brooke had a plan, a great one at that.  Pumpkins, check!
 Lots of paint, brushes, decorations, etc.... check!!
Kiddos ready to roll ... check!!
So we rolled.. the kids were beyond excited to do this. Everyone lined up and started to gather their stuff.
And the amigos were all set!
Everyone was having a great time. Look at all of those kiddos!!!
Birthday girl!!
And then we had hair.. Apparently Brooke thought pumpkins needed hair and the kids thought it was AWESOME!!
Someone is proud of their pumpkin... that they should be!! Good job, AJ!!
And then we sing... because we love her!!
And this is my stuff so I am taking it....
AJ = awesome.. There are no rules at the party... Stick your hand in that cake!!!
A few of the many masterpieces!!
A little more playing and a crooked smile.
And then we went in to have some more fun!! The amigos went bed jumping..
Justin wore some of the hair..
And the kiddos jammed out!!
Proud kiddo.
Happy birthday, sweet girl! We love you to the moon and back!! Four is going to be awesome!!!

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