Saturday, October 18, 2014

Mountain Fall Festival // 2014

 You know we like to gather up here on the mountain. This one was a little more organized than the usual hey-I'll-grab-a-pizza-you-bring-some-beer parties. This one we actually had decor and games, and table covers!! It was time for the Fall Festival, y'all!!

Yes, Dane came in costume. He wears this thing everyday.
 The kiddos had crafts to do!
 And snacks to eat!
 I love this face. This is his signature picture face!
 They had crafts they could make AND eat!
 Chaz wore his signature outfit. Yes, he glows.
 Jack and KSue fell in love..shhhhhhh, don't tell Dane!
 and then she ran away!
 We played pin the spider in the web.
 I mean, the place was hoppin'
 We had games..
 and super cute babies!
 AJ decided to wear a fireman hat to get in the Halloween/costume mix.
 My little super hero!!
 The three amigos! I can't tell if they are explaining or arguing.
 Ok, I'm going to guess it was maybe an argument. 
 Don't worry, they aren't actually driving! HA!
 The bigs decided to have a full out baseball game in our front yard. I heart this neighborhood.
 and then I found these munckins in my hizzle.

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