Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fall Baseball // Scorpions // 2014

And here we go again. After a fantastic Spring season, we signed up for Fall baseball. I was so excited...and so was the rest of the fam. The hubs decided to have his own team and be the head coach. This was a big step for him but he was all in. I was so proud.

They don't have a fall league in Fayetteville so we had to sign up through the Springdale league. This is where my disappointment came in... HIGHLY unorganized would be an understatement... but we must continue, so we did!

Chaz was super pumped and looked just as adorable in this uniform as his Spring one. Don't tell him I called him adorable, he would kill me.
He had some great kids on his team. Notice the supporters in the background. Yep! Papa, Gaga, Meme, Sandra, Gayle, Michelle, Mark, Kelsey, Alexis and Ian. Love them so much for supporting our little nuggets!!
Chaz played several positions. Pitcher was his favorite but he did good at first as well.
Sweet boy took a baseball to the face before the first game... not in a team practice but practicing with his dad. Poor guy! The doc said he couldn't play but he was awesome and came out to support the team for the first game.
Practicing his Bo Jackson.
He had some great plays and really played his heart out!
Sometimes having your pops as a coach is hard. Explaining your move to the coach and having him correct you... it doesn't help that your momma is the amateur photographer and captured it all. I will save this one for later in life.
I don't know if he knows it yet but he is such a good coach. He is more patience than I have ever seen him. He teaches, he supports and he has fun. I am so proud of my hubs.
He was there too. Always there to support his brother play with his mens.
Baseball ready.
Great game. We didn't win and little did we know, this would be the trend of this season. We didn't win a single one. I will go ahead and get that out there so we don't have to mention it again. Good news, the kids learned a lot and improved throughout the season. THAT is success for six/seven year-olds.
We played a good game, so we run. YES! The tradition continues!
He loved it. Every second of it!
He caught one! Sneaky little fellow!
Game two.
Nice work, Charlie!
Nice hit, Chaz!

I love this kiddo! I hope he continues to love this sport for the rest of his life. I love to see the pride on his face!
Guess who came out for game two! What a trouper. Broken nose a few days ago but put on a guard and he was ready to go!

I missed the run because I was dealing with a toddler breakdown but he caught two this time!!
Here we go again!
Someone wasn't happy.......
I had to pause for a moment and take a picture of the sunset. It was amazing. The church and the sunset, such a perfect combo.
 One of my favorite shots of the season! Yes, he caught it! Great job, Charlie!

This face. Isn't he preciousness?!?!

Love these shots. The sunset at this field was absolutely amazing!!!
 Hands down my favorite picture of the season. Amazing. I love this and I really love that it is my superstar! He makes my heart happy!
 Awesome play!!

Such the encourager!
Nice hit!
Love the sky! Amazing!
This face!! He was so proud of himself and that he should be! Nice hit. Nice run!!

My little MVP!
They were chanting. Love them all!!
We didn't win but we played hard so we run!
Deep thoughts before the game.

Nice hit, Charlie!

This kid. I really think he wants to be a pitcher but at this age, you stand next to the pitching machine and hope to make a great play!
Such the trooper!

"Did we win, coach? Did we win??"
 "Ummm, not so much but you played a great game!!"
Love this face!
And this guy, such the encourager!
I'm not sure how he caught this but the face cracks me up!
So proud of his kiddo! So am I!!

That is a slide.. well sort of.. I think he just really wanted to get dirty!
So maybe we forgot to tell him some of the rules. He was so bummed that he didn't get this kid out. You gotta tag the runner... Next up, fundamentals.
But that is ok. Again, not a win but a great game!
Somebody was getting in the spirit. He wanted to run the bases.
The big boys got to run!
and yes, he got to run too!
Papa was out of town so we had to send a video.
Love these kiddos!!
Especially this one!

I don't care if it is blurry, he caught it!


You can't stop me!!!
"Great job, son!
Love these kiddos!!

Goofy kids!
Springdale also doesn't do professional photos. We improvised.
"Coach, did we win??"
"Ummmmmm, not quite"
But they still got to run!

I love the faces!
My little MVP!
Well, it wasn't our best season but we had fun and learned a lot, which is key. My hubs learned how to coach - he would tell you he has room for improvement, and he does, but he did an amazing job. He is great at teaching, encouraging and making sure they have fun. Coaching your son as well as other 6/7 year-olds is not an easy job! Chaz learned how to listen and respect the role of his daddy as his coach. The team learned teamwork and had a good time. We even had a little guy who told the hubs as the first practice he was scared of the ball. He said he would never catch the ball because he was afraid. By the end of the season, he was catching and running TOWARDS the ball. Major success! Great job, Scorpions!!!

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