Monday, October 27, 2014

Dane's first trip to check the pearly whites // October 2014

This day was a special one. I absolutely LOVE Northwest Arkansas Pediatric Dental Associates. We have been taking Chaz since he was almost 3 and have never had a bad experience. If you know my kids, you know they are a bit I had my worries!

We started out slow with the fun animals outside. He loved them!! Notice the outfit, this is not his normal attire. It was mismatch day at school. I really wouldn't care if he did dress like this every day but I think it is rather hilarious that he did on his first trip to the dentist. Also notice the shield, he always carries his shield! Why wouldn't you take it to defend yourself against the evil cavities!!!!!
What.a.face. This couldn't be any better!!! I love this kid with all my heart!! He is 100% invested in any and every situation. He doesn't do anything just a little bit.... it is all or nothing!!!!
We found Nemo while we were waiting. He simply could not understand why Nemo was at the dentist. I mean he doesn't have teeth. I love little guy logic.
This part made him a little nervous. He didn't like how far away I was but it only lasted a minute so he was ok.
He was pretty relaxed and super pumped that he got to watch a movie in the ceiling. He wasn't letting go of the shield. Luckily the ladies thought it was super cute.
This kid was amazing!!!
And then I got this amazing shot. Why wouldn't he give me his signature smirk?? A+ little buddy! You rock!!

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