Monday, October 13, 2014

Dane's 3rd bday // 2014

This is probably a duh moment but we decided to go all out Avengers for Dane's birthday. I mean, his "mens" really are his life and have been for a loooooooooooooooong time. When you have your "mens" in family pictures, the addiction is real.
He is such a doll.  A little bit of kiddo, a little bit of baby. I love this age, even if the major attitude comes with it.
As with Chaz's party, I had a little help from a friend who designed his invite and these adorable labels. How cute are they!!?!?!
We used the same cookie master for these beauties. AMAZING. I am so impressed. She said she had never done the Avengers before... ummmm, you had me fooled. They were delicious too!!
All the boy cared about is that he got more mens. Hilarious!
 It was time to party. I am starting to think we have an addiction to bounce houses is real. Boingo Bounce for this one. It is smaller for the little and completely manageable for the parents. He was pumped.
 Lil, not so pumped. I have no clue how she was sleeping. It is so loud in that room, you have to scream to hear anyone. It is like being in a crowded bar, but without the frosty drinks.... ok, back to reality.
These faces!!
 This is Dane's signature move. He stands like this, he walks like this, he always looks like this!!
 KSue watching the madness!!
 Momma and Meme watching the kiddos!
And then she found a baby! She loves her some babies!!
We had to have a potty break and after we washed our hands he said "Momma, can you take a picture of our funny faces??"
 This kid is a riot!
 Mr John and KSue!!
 Jack was loving it. Zero fear of the big slide!
 Cooper was the same way. These kids were going 90 to nothing!
 Madness... just plain madness!
  AJ! I have no idea why my camera wouldn't focus on some but they are still too cute to pass up!
Brandon looks like he is up to something, pretty normal! HA!
 I love that he is waving at me. "Hey mom, watch me!!!"
 There is that signature Dane move!
 Love these faces!
 I have no idea why there is a ball over Avery's face or why Sarah is staring a hole in me but I do love John and KSue posing and smiling. Cheeeeese!
 THAT is better! There is that sweet baby face!
 The boys!
 These faces. I love them. Dane is struggling so hard to have a "cute face." HA!
 I love Brandon's hair is amazing!!!
 Jackson was having a blast too!
 Such the cutie!
 Sweet Davis!
 I love his face smashed to the netting. It is like he is in Scooby Doo bounce house prison.
 Loving on the blow up do. Unfortunately, when you hug him, he implodes.
 After much play and pure exhaustion, it was time to treats and cake. The bigs always sit together. Hayes is an honorary cousin.
 Dane was so confused as to why his mens had icing on them. Poor kiddo!
He couldn't even get excited about his cake because his mens had icing on them AND he wanted to make sure they were going home with him!
 Dalton! I didn't get a single picture of him playing! Maybe he was moving too fast!! 
 Yep, Mr Ryan is silly!
 I love Jack showing Dane his gift and Dane giving a hug. So precious. I love these sweet friends.
 This is the point where Dane got super confused and started giving the gifts back to the giftgivers. He couldn't understand that when we said "That is from Dalton" didn't mean he was suppose to give it back to Dalton. This went on for quite some time!
 AJ was SO excited to show Dane what he got him. I love this!!!
 And the bro hug. These boys just melt my heart!!
 The customary McGowan gift, something with a name or monogram.. every time. I love it so much!! Please also note how Chaz dressed for the Avengers party, wrist band and all!
 Meme giving Dane the Spiderman blanket she made him. I love this woman to pieces!!
 Brother reading cards to Dane. So sweet!
 Whew! The mens are safe! Still covered in icing but I promised I would wash them and he was ok with that. Glad that crisis was averted.
 This face. Seriously.
Then Papa and Gaga came back to the house for a special surprise.
 I love this face. He was so excited!
 A bike. A real, big boy bike!!
"I gotta fix it"
 "Wait, I need my helmet to fix it!"
Then it was time for his actual birthday. That morning I tried so hard to get some good ones of our little three year-old. It is hard to get a picture of this kiddo and he is always moving, jumping and running circles around me! He is working on his picture face and has so many funny ones!
 Seeeeee, the struggle is real!
Gaga and Papa came down on his birthday for one of his favorite meals, beans and rice!!

He loved the giant hat but couldn't understand why he didn't get to keep it!
We love this little nugget to pieces. He is our spunk, he is the fire, he makes me smile and brings me to my whits end. He is our baby. He is his brothers best friend. He is a beast with zero fear. He loves his friends and his family. He loves to run, jump, play with his mens, slams and breaks almost everything he touches. He is just a big ball of hot mess! BUT he is sweet too. He jumps on me every morning and wraps his entire body around me for hugs and snuggles. He loves to give kisses! He never misses the opportunity for a hug or a kiss. I love this sweet boy!!
Happy Birthday, Dane-O! We love you to the moon and back!!

Roll on back to 2nd, 1st and BIRTHday!

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