Sunday, September 28, 2014

September Lakeday // 2014

We have some AMAZING friends. Have I mentioned that a few times lately? I know I have but I just can't get over how blessed we are. They love our family, they love our kiddos, we all get along, it is just awesome!!!

This day included some awesome adults, even more awesome kiddos, a boat and the lake. Perfect combo.
Hands down one of my favorite pictures of 2014. I love these kiddos.
Sweet little KSue. Love this face!!
I think Chaz is going to be a "lake guy" he wanted to help John with almost everything he was doing. He loves it!
Dane is just Dane. He was having fun sitting on the floor and playing with his Power Ranger phone.
This looks mean but he thought it was fun.
The kids decided they wanted to get in this thing and let it drag out into the lake and then swim back. Goofballs.
He looks like he is in pain but he was laughing. Such a fun time!
He just wanted to chill in the boat. I love this picture!
But Hayes and Kat wanted to go for a ride.
She was intently watching the bigger kids. One day, KSue, one day.
I am pretty sure they were having a good time!
I love the "rock star" hand!
Yes, they are mine all mine. You can't have either one of my goofy children!!
Next Dane wanted to go so that required Ryan to get in. Look how completely uncomfortable Kat looks. HAHAHAHA!
John was a little slow on the take off..
She was a little excited to see her main man (Dane, of course) riding in the tube.
That hair.
Thug life.. really, kid?
So cute!
More swimming!
He was d.o.n.e.
Aunt Jen is always so helpful with him. He loves her!
Then it was the big boys' turn to play. First up was the hubs.
He did pretty good considering I have no CLUE when the last time is that he went skiing. It has probably been at least 10 years.
And then this happened.... wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiippppppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeooooooouuuuuuutttttttt!!
Next up was Mr Ricky.
WOAH! Down he goes.
I love this look. I think he was just thinking but if I could animate it and make him shake his head it would be the face of complete disappointment in Mr Ricky's ski skills. HA!!
Round two.
Don't lose it!!!
And wipeout!!
Hayes and the hubs were giving him the stare-down.
And then the driver got a shot.
The replacement driver better be good :)
She is so pretty!!
LOVE the face. Determination!
These faces... BWHAHAHAHAHA!!!
I didn't get a wipeout picture from John... because he didn't wipe out!!! Dammit

Then Kat wanted to go by herself. John's #1 goal was to toss her out.. .
He tried...
and tried..
But wasn't successful. Go Kat!!
And, just like last time.. the baby zonked. I remember growing up that I would always zonk out when we took the boat out. I guess he comes by it honestly.
Wonderful friends, wonderful kids, wonderful weather and just all-in-all a wonderful day!

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