Monday, September 15, 2014

Happy birthday, Chazman! // 7 years // 2014

 I always knew I wanted to be a mommy. From the moment I found out I was pregs with you I was over the moon. You were an easy pregnancy. I loved being pregnant.
 I think your daddy was pretty pumped too!
From the moment you came into the world (11.37 to be exact) you were the apple of our eye. You daddy was totally smitten. And luckily you didn't give me too many problems making it into this world. 
 You were perfect. Absolutely perfect.
We brought you home to what you now refer to as you ""borned house" ... to be clear you were NOT born in our house but rather at a very nice hospital.
We proceed in this journey of parenthood with no clue what we were doing. All we knew is that we loved you so very much and planned to do any and everything to make you have the best life ever.
 You were an incredibly happy baby. I mean, look at that face!!
 And it didn't take long for your daddy to start making your world a little crazy. It was a little fair considering you turned ours upside down as well.
 And before we knew it, you were one. What happened to that first year? 
 So we continued into the second  year, with things like pumpkin patches.
Christmas time
Smiles of spring. Yes, you used to smile with only your bottom teeth showing.
 Your daddy has always been one of your biggest fans.
 And you continued to grow and bring smiles to our lives.
 You were silly...still are.
 And cute all in the same. 
 You have always been your daddy's buddy and a Razorback fan.
Did I mention you were goofy? Super goofy!
And then you were three. THREE!?!?! What?  You started to look like a boy and no longer a baby. My heart sang and cried all in the same moment.
We were a little trio.. A damn cute little trio.
We taught you to be a good boy and understand respect. Still to this day you will thank anyone in uniform. This comes from your daddy and I couldn't be more proud.
You are brave. Super brave. This is your first flight with your Papa. No fear.
 And then this happened. We told you that you were going to be a big brother and you couldn't have been more excited.
 or maybe a little scared. It was ok, so were we.
 You were still our boy. Our little dollface. Such an incredibly handsome little man.
 And then your brother was here. You were smitten.
 And then you were four. I say it every year but I couldn't believe it, you were FOUR!!! What?!?!
 You were are such a good big brother, always teaching your brother how to smile. 
 Still a fan. 
 Still goofy
 You love sports.. and you are quite good at them. 
 You are so sweet to your little brother and I am so happy to be the boymom I always knew I would be.
 You made me a mommy.. That is something no one else can ever say.
 And you make us look really good!
 You always have a great sense of humor, that comes from me. HA!
 Ok, maybe some of that is from your daddy too.
 And then you were five. Again, slow it down!!
 We try our best to take our moments with you and laugh, play and smile. 
 Because sometimes it is hard to share your time but you do it so well.
 Still understanding respect and your roots. 
 You have had some great milestones.. such as losing your first tooth!
 Getting your first stitches.
 You deal with and embrace my goofiness!
 You graduated preschool....and looked adorable doing so!
 Although I brag on you, you are still and older brother and like to pick at the baby. But that is ok, it will teach him to be tough. 
 And you have fully developed your own silly personality.
 You LOVE to swim and are quite the water baby.
 You made it to Kindergarten.
 Had some wonderful time at school and even brought brother along for the fun.
 And then you were six. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
 You no longer have a baby face. 
You have an amazing amount of creativity and imagination
 You had a great year of baseball!
 We love you so very much and simply couldn't imagine our life without you!
 You really are something special!
 And he loves you too!!
 I love you so very much and enjoy our special moments together!
 You can steal my phone and rock a selfie like no other!
 This guys loves you so very much!
 Again, our times are so very special. Thank you for dealing with all the mommy selfies.
 And thanks for teaching your brother how to be one super cool dude.
 You have an interesting style.. i.e. monochromatic.
 You made it to first grade and so far are having a great year!
 Again with that brave thing.. I am pretty sure you are more brave than mommy. Thank you for making me do things that I wouldn't otherwise do. I am trying my best to live for you guys and  you pushing me to do so is just what I need.
Happy 7th, my little man. You have so much to be proud of. You are an amazing kid. You have a bunch of GREAT friend and family who love you so very much. I just know you will do great things with your life and your heart is made of gold and you have passion like no other. You are one of a kind and NOW you are my FAVORITE SEVEN year old!! Love you to the moon and Queens!

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