Saturday, August 23, 2014

Stone Mountain Pool Party // August 2014

I don't even know where to start on my blessings. I am SOOO blessed. From my husband to my kiddos to family to friends to this AMAZING neighborhood!!! I love my life and my blessings!
We have some amazing neighbors. All of them. Seriously, each and every one of them.

The O'Leary's are definitely not the exception. They are a wonderful family with three boys currently living in the house (Eldest is Sean who is in high school and then there are the twins, Austin and Colby who are 8) They built a pool and we are all in love. Love with the family and a little in love with the pool. They were so sweet to have a little shindig this summer. I seriously cannot wait until next summer!!

Check this out!!!
Negotiation over missiles. So very necessary.
Sweet, smiling Jack!
And the older boys. So much fun!!
Sweet AJ!
More crazy older boys! They are such hams. And as you know, who cares about some blur when it signifies such fun!!
A wee bit more calm in the shallow end!
And then the littles started to notice how much fun the bigs were having.

Yes, maybe his momma tossed him in but who am I to judge. I have done it a thousand times... and that face!!!
My boy!
And then it was time for a little relaxing in the tub.
So fun!
Fun times.. AJ being such the ham!
And Jack's turn!
Sweet baby Lillian!
Again, the littles figuring out how much fun the bigs were actually having. Tub time!!

 Sweet Blaire Bear!
 The studs!
 The ladies!
 I mean, do you know eat a block of ice from the cooler??
 Or the floor? I see you judging!!
 Lil and her momma!
 I love this... "Dane, just jump!" Check out AJ's face in the background. Looking at his buddy like "don't fall for it, bro!"
 But he went for it!! Always, such the daredevil!
 What?? Did someone say daredevil?!?!
 So fun! So FUN!!
 Love this dude!
 Momma and her boy enjoying their dinner!!
 Back to the silly boys!
 I don't even know how to caption this one.. Whatever it takes?!?!
 LOVE! Seriously two of my favs!
 And the teenagers and those who want to be.. Soooooooooo coooooooooool!
 Sweet momma and her bear.
 And then the sun when down.. Dane was done so the phone came out to keep him occupied. 
 Too cool!!
 Old man chillin' by the pool!

 We grab babies and walk. It takes a village, y'all!!
 Like moths to a flame...
 And before we leave.... we must take a selfie!!! HA!
I am in love. With each and every one of these people, parents, bigs, littles... the entire crew just makes my heart happy. We are so blessed to live in such a fantastic neighborhood. Who would have thought, three years ago when it was just Ryan, Chaz and I up on this hill...Amazing!!!

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