Saturday, July 12, 2014

Lake time!! // July

So funny thing... sometime people literally just drop into your lives at the most crazy, unsuspected but PERFECT time. You don't really realize you need them but, you do! Note: I am writing this several, several months after this actually took place because I am so behind so my love has grown even stronger!) But really, you are just stumbling through life, you have some good great friends and you find yet one more WONDERFUL couple and their sweet, precious little girl.

I am reminded of a hilarious and true quote from the wonderful Bill Murray "Friendship is so weird.. you just pick a human you've met and you’re like “yep I like this one” and you just do stuff with them" This is our McGowans.  Yes, I declare (writing this 8 months later) that they are ours. I love these peeps.

And here is how much. The hubs and John had known each other for years but more through business. Introduce his cuteness of a wife and precioussauce of a kiddo and I am 100% sold. We literally had to have the neighborhood POA mtg at our house one afternoon because of rain and they didn't leave until late, late. I fed their little one, which was the way to any momma's heart, and fed mom and dad beer and wine. I mean are any friendships really created on salad and water???!?! We clearly have a great foundation.

Fast forward a month-ish and they asked us to the lake. Ummmm, ok. We loaded our little bits up and headed out.
I mean... see why I fell in love?!?!
The boys were ready for some fun in the sun!
And yes, she was happy! HA!
Let 'er rip!!
He got to pull them in, which he loved!
They seriously had the best time!!
Such a handsome little fella!
I think someone else fell in love. Yes, both of them!
Brothers. Loves them!
Yes, I was there too! Yes, I get in the lake. I am a boymom. No fears!
And then this happened. I grew up on boats and at the lake, so the "ride back" snooze is something I know all too well!
I have to say. Since I have had kiddos I have been reluctant to take them to the lake. I love the water. I love the lake but the lake can be very dangerous. The lake is unpredictable. I have lost friends on the lake and have heard some terrible stories. I knew I would always protect my kiddos but I wanted to be around people who would do the same. I thought, forever, that this person would only be my parents and my hubs... but  McGowans, you made the cut. I never thought I would feel so comfortable with my kiddos in a boat as I did this day. 

Thank you, McGowans. Thank you for being our friends. Thank you for welcoming us into your lives so easily and genuinely. Thank you for letting me love your family. Thank you for loving my boys and my family. I can not wait for all the memories to come!

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