Sunday, June 1, 2014

Three turn 3! // 2014

Every time I think I am tired, I think of this sweet family. Don't get me wrong, their boys are precious and very well behaved... but I simply can't imagine being able to function if we tripled Dane. Wow, I think I just passed out from exhaustion just thinking about it.

Three precious little boys turning three! Adorableness! I apologize in advance for my lack of pictures of the birthday boys. Shame on me! I was too busy chasing my little guy, he is crazy energetic right now.
They had the party at a local gym. All of us couldn't have been more excited about this. Lots of moving and jumping means a good time and even better nap-time!!

Chaz was on cloud nine!!
The baby was pretty stoked too!
This was a pretty normal sight, I don't know if he is overly tired after 3 seconds or just liked how it felt. Either way, goofy kiddo!
uber goofy
Then the hubs decided to chunk him as high and crazy as possible. It gathered a crowd. I am so proud of my "crazy in public" family
I found someone else hiding in the foam. Such a cutie!!
More crazy jumping! There are a few of the bday boys behind Chaz!
This bar was a hit. Odd but it was a hit!
Then Ava and Chaz decided it would be fun to push me in.
They were right, it was fun! They did this nothing short of 15 times.
Sweet boy!!
Yes, we attempted to get pictures of all the kids. HA! This is about 2/3 of them with 1/3 of them looking a camera and a 1/16 of those looking at my camera. HAHA!
Then it was time for cake. The good stuff, right? Ryder agrees!
Dazed and exhausted...
I mean, seriously? Could he be any cuter with this mess all over his face?

His brother was a little cleaner with his cake.
Kristal always does such a cute job decorating for the parties. I love the "3"
Still going. I am pretty sure he snagged two.
Present time!! Whoop! Whoop!
This is the face of "I'm making it! We have almost completed another birthday" Love her!

Examining the goods.
And then my little guy (in the red) saw an Avenger..... IN COMING!!!!
I had to actually have him tell the "Blue Ironman" goodbye and explain how we couldn't take him with us. It was not an easy conversation. Needless to say, later that day we were using one of his gift cards to get his very own "Blue Ironman"
Travel back: Three were two.

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