Friday, May 31, 2013

There are three of them and they are 2! // 5.2013

When you think about going to a 2 year-old birthday party, you probably don't think of seeing this. Well, Kristal decided to think outside the box and have it at the Gentry Safari. We love this place!
The triplets were looking super cute in there overalls with a little "2" on the booty.
And of course they each got their own cake! Super cute!
Present time! We decided to do a combo gift that they could use together! It was a cute little fold up Little Tykes picnic table.
More presents!
A little help from Daddy
Dane trying to blend in with two of the three boys.
Dane lovin' on his daddy
The boys enjoying some of their new toys.
Kristal was so inventive with her snacks -- Hay stacks, Tractor tires, Farmer's market. So cute!
We sang Happy Birthday three different times. We do this for my twin nephews as well. Everyone deserves their own birthday song! Driver was first.
Next up was Cruz.
And then it was Ryder's turn.
Love this face!
We love this adorable family -- Carson, Rylie, Kristal, Andy, Cruz, Ryder and Driver.
Cruz, Ryder and Driver. (Forgive if I mixed them up, I always second guess myself!)
He was telling me what noise a chicken makes. This face makes me giggle.
I am not sure what he was telling me but it had to be good if he tucked his hands into his overalls.
So glad my boys are not the only ones who use their clothing for napkins.
Then it was time to go visit the animals. One certain kid was not 100% committed.
Chaz was so sweet with the baby donkey.
Still not really digging all the animals.
He did like the turtle. He actually wasn't scared of him, at all. He was terrified of the goat but not this giant snapping turtle. Go figure.
Sweetness holding is Grandpa's hand.
This is what happens when you are a half a second too late to take a picture of this big family. You gotta be quick!

I wasn't very excited about this happening but I did eventually give in. If nothing more than just to have a picture to freak Gaga out. Sorry mom!
Dane decided if he just ignored the boa, it wouldn't bother him. Good plan for a one year-old.
Happy Birthday photo!!
Next up, pony time!
Rodeo pose.
And a random GIANT cockatoo!
A random boy standing on a rock throwing the horns to the ground. Yep, he is mine!
 Ava rocking the parting gift!
These boys are sooooo stinkin' cute!! I am so glad we were able to celebrate their birthday!!

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