Saturday, May 31, 2014

Memorial day weekend + Birthdays! // 2014

This picture is a good one. It is important to remember the reason for this day. It isn't about hamburgers, beer and a day off. God Bless them all!
We spent the weekend at my parent's house soaking in the sun and family. We spent a lot of time in the sun and played until we couldn't play any longer. I was able to relax here and there, which I will never complain about.
Chaz played so hard, he fell asleep in the dog bed. Goofy kid.
Lots of pool time. I am so happy that both my kiddos are water babies. They LOVE the pool!!
Even when Mother Nature decides not to play nice and drop the rain. Chaz didn't care!
Then we celebrated the birthdays -- Bettye went first as hers was LONG overdue!
Well, who doesn't look like this when they open a present of booze!
Sweet puppies watching with such enthusiasm.
Such the beast!
Then Teddy got his turn to open presents!
Chaz stopped to show us the necklace he made. It drags the ground.
Then it was the hubs' turn for gifts.
Nosey Nelly wanted to get in on the action.
Giving some love to his boys. He loves them so much!!
And some hugs for the in-laws.
For getting us this! And MAN did we need it!! Let the Summer begin!!
I wonder where he gets it.
Someone is pouting because he was put in time-out for being a craphead. Yep, a two year-old craphead.
Last but not least, it was Kelsey's turn. Chaz just adores her and wanted to make sure she opened his card first.
And the big one from the crew!
Craphead became pretty sweet once Daddy got him out of time-out.
A new watch. She was pretty pumped.
 And then there was this... She has NO clue what this is...
And then we explained to this birthday girl that she was getting a car. I still don't think it was real to her.
Or her super confused friend. HA!
She sure gave her momma a big ol' hug! Sweetness!!
She was moving so fast, I couldn't really get a good shot but this one shows the joy. Precious!
Congrats, Kelsey!!!
And then the boys returned to the pool. Of course they did!
The other kids played a little ball in the yard.
And some precious daddy time in the pool. I love the bunny ears here! HAHAHA!!
So goofy but so happy!
Look at this goofy hair. HA!
The boy and his men. He loves his Avengers!
This kid. He is just hilarious.
Awesome weekend spent with an awesome family celebrating some awesome people! Happy Weekend!!

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