Saturday, February 8, 2014

I see a pattern // Snowapalooza #3 // 2.2014

We have a pattern, folks. Beginning of each month -- Dec, Jan, Feb ..we have a massive snowstorm and the kids are out of school for 3ish days. Seriously, I think Mother Nature is drunk.
For reals.
 Yes, my thoughts exactly.
 The only good news of these few days of cabin fever, the roads were good enough to send the hubs and the big kids sledding. Most of the sledding was done by the hubs. I am pretty sure he is my biggest kid.
If those stills weren't enough to get you giggling, here is the video.

 I used the majority of this time to get some work done while the baby napped. Of course when he woke up, I had to let him play.
Yes, that is the screen.. I am in the kitchen and he is outside. It was just too cold for that nonsense.
You know we like to introduce new things while we are snowed in. First it was potty training... This time we decided to introduce the toddler bed. I like a challenge.
He was reading his baby a story. Preciousness
Neverending.. Never.
Sure you can have a giant bowl of cotton candy as a snack, just leave mommy alone 'cause I am trying to work. Snowday rules.
By the end of it, I really just wanted to do this.,.
I did get a visit from one of my favorite little buddies.
Sleepy boy.
Again, snowday rules. If you decide to get in momma's bed and watch a movie, ok. I will let you stay long enough to fall asleep.

I let them go back for another day... can you tell the hubs was in charge of the clothes? No jacket. He claims the boy was sweating so it didn't really matter.. Oh boys!

Sledding is hard work.
And the baby boy tried to steal my boots.
Oh snowdays, please go away.....

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