Saturday, March 22, 2014

Welcome little one // Grady Lane // 3.21.2014

Nothin' like babies. Mmmmmmmmmm babies! Really, I just love them! This one is super special to us as he is the new addition of one of our favorite little families, the Lanes!

Grady Lane joined the world on 3/21/2014. He came into this world weighing 8lbs 6oz and measuring 19 3/4"   Although his daddy originally put 19 3/4lbs on the text roll. Wowza! I hope not!
Of course we just had to make our way to the hospital for introductions. I am still so sad that I wasn't able to visit his big brother Cooper when he was born. I was sick and I wasn't going to share anything with a new baby!

This time we were all healthy and ready to see this precious little guy. Someone was almost as excited as his momma! Chaz instantly fell in love with this little bundle and did not want to let him go!
I think he was a fan of us too! Look at that face, I could really just eat him up.
Chaz decided he wanted to be silly and give him bunny ears. HA!
It took some convincing but I managed to get the hubs to hold the baby. He doesn't really like the little tiny ones, even though he has done this twice :) But he finally gave in and held him.
And then made a face like he was going to eat him. I love that Grady had his mouth open too. Such a funny pic!
Chaz managed to weasel his arms around him again. I mean seriously, he could not get enough of this kiddo. 
Dane wasn't so sure about him. He said he was a baby and he was "wittle" but he really was more interested in the book they had for Cooper. He did get a little jealous and told me "Momma, you not hold da baby"
Yep, that didn't take long. We are totally head over heals for this little bundle. Welcome to the world, little man! We love you, Grady Lane!

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