Friday, February 28, 2014

February // 2014

February starts with a baby selfie. He really lacks the true skill of this but I have faith that he will improve over time. Ha!
If you know my brother, you know his shoes are NEVER dirty. He will have shoes for years and they still look like they just came home from the store. He also like his Adidas. This morning Dane was convinced his daddy had stolen his Uncle Shane's shoes. "Daddy, dat not your shoes. Dat Unc Shane's shoes. Take dem off!!"
This still makes my stomach hurt.. This is the day my husband drove around the round-about 6 times. I hate round-abouts anyways so this was just torture. Chaz finally said "I think this is really making my tummy hurt. You need to stop" The threat of puke in my car equals an immediate end to the shenanigans.
 Hanging with one of my favorite girls! Loves her!
The adults are a little like kids when they are stuck inside all winter. We get really bored. Really bored. We have become major fans of dominos.
 And I really can't explains this. Weirdo boys.
I got to keep one of my favorite little buddies one evening while his folks went out for a much needed adult dinner and celebration of Mommy's bday. He is such a doll. 
Chaz had a birthday party to attend and the baby was asleep so the Hubs took one for the team and headed to Arcadia for the party. They took these for me. LOVE!
 Another day he took them to Chuck-E-Cheese.There is a game there that gives you these little cards. We have a ton of these all over the house but the pictures have never been this "good"  They both look like aliens. I couldn't stop laughing when I saw these.
My dad and I spent many an evening doing puzzles when I was younger. To see Chaz and him doing the same just melts my heart. Chaz is actually pretty good at puzzles and contributed quite a bit to this 1000 piece puzzle of Razorback stadium. It was NOT and easy one!
Chaz had an assignment to read for 500+ minutes in the month of February. The the kindergarten classes it was acceptable for parents to read to their children for this amount of time. Chaz wanted nothing to do with that and was determined to read his books himself.
Dentist time! I love our dentist. It really is the total experience!
Chaz does such a good job, never cries or complains. He is such a good patient.
Family computer night? HA!
Move reading. Look at that precious belly.
Sometimes we have nightmares and end up in momma's bed. I can't complain when he is this precious.
Valentines day parties at school! I only got pictures of this goofy dude. I didn't get any at Dane's party. #mommafail.
Sooooooooooooooo, about a month ago I posted a picture similar to this on FB stating that I loved chocolate covered strawberries. I noticed an ad on a circular in the paper. That was it, really.  Low and behold, guess what is sitting on my porch for Valentine's day!!! My parents are AMAZING!!
I am pretty sure I ate all of them. I may have let my neighbor have two but the rest went in my belly. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.
This is what happens with you play dominos with three people. It looks more like that snake game than dominos.
My loves. How beautiful are they!?!?
Reading himself a book. He would not let me be any part of this.
One afternoon at Chick-Fil-A. He literally sat at another table and ignored us.What a snob.
Beautiful baby.
And now for the funnies.

This really made me giggle.
As did this "Breastfeeding and spray tans do not mix" Rolling.
I really want to spend the rest of my life laughing. I want to be these ladies.
I have about a million passwords and it feels like I have to change them every five seconds. At least I haven't done this.
Yes, this would be true.
So, I went to the mall one day to grab a quick bite to eat. I noticed this tip jar while checking out. Which, by the way, I have never understood. You fixed my food. I didn't sit down to eat. You didn't wait on me... Why on earth would I tip? Anyways, upon closer look I notice this jar has larger bills in it. Really?!? Do you expect me to believe someone tipped $10? I don't think so. And no, I don't feel guilty for not tipping a to-go food court order.
How can you not laugh at this?!?! Poor dog.
Our sweet Wrigley has become quite the handful. Between emptying the trash and dragging it all over the house, to eating remote controls (yes, plural) to dragging the Hubs' shoes outside to rolling on my bed--He is quite the challenge. So this certainly made me giggle.
One of my sweet friends needed a little pick-me-up one day and I happened to come across this. What a wonderful way of saying "You ARE a good mom" We all worry that we aren't doing it right but the kids are happy, healthy and loved. That is really all that matters!
Although this hasn't actually happened to me... just yet. This would be something mine would do.
Some days I can 100% relate to this.
THANK GOD the hubs didn't see this when I was pregs with the boys. I mean Ice, Ice baby is his favorite song ever!
After this loooooooooooooooong, cooooooooooooooooold, snooooooooooooooowy winter, I really need a beach. ASAP!
To all my friends. I love you!
So this really happened. A convo with my girlfriend one evening. I was sick, which is part of the story, so forgive the terrible grammar and typos.  Net is, momma needs a break. Back to that beach comment :)
Seriously no words.

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