Sunday, October 6, 2013

Air Show? // 2013

Yes, there is a question mark. Why you may ask...well, here is the story. Dad called one day to tell us there was an Air Show at the Bentonville airport that following Saturday. We talked about it later in the week and he said "well it isn't really and Air Show... it is the British stunt team's practice run"  I am not 100% sure of the difference. Planes in the air doing stuff equals and Air Show to me. 

Come Saturday, it was storming like crazy so the show (or not show, depending on who you ask) was cancelled.  Booooooooooo. Sunday we decided to head out and see if they were doing anything. We got lucky as they were out and about!

No, Chaz did not ride like this the entire way. He was just able to do this while in the Airport parking lot.
And boy and his Papa. Nothing like it!

Chaz and Gaga sitting in front of Papa's plane.
These faces make me giggle
Right there in the middle... That is a stunt plane.
Then, as kids do, they got bored and decided they wanted to play in Papa's plane.
Back off ladies, he is alllllllllllllllll mine!
Chaz waving like a crazy maniac to the passing plane.
I love this.. Can you tell who is who? They are the same age in these pictures. I cannot believe how much they look alike!
Yep, Chaz on the left and Dane on the right. Love them!
I fearfully admit, he will probably want to fly one day. His grandfathers will be so very proud.
Such a fun day!

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