Saturday, June 1, 2013

Officially a boymom // Monster trucks // 2013

Now to be clear, I knew I was a boymom LONG before this one Friday night. Between the trucks, batman figures, Legos, dirt, mud, tiny little matchbox cars, talks about what comes out of ones bottom end, more dirt, bikes, skateboards, swords, lots of nakedness....yes, I KNOW I am a boymom. However, there are certain times where it is solidified to the fullest. The moments where there is not a sliver of a pedi or a tutu but rather this....
Yes, an arena full of monster truck and lots and lots of dirt. I guess I should back up and explain exactly how I got in said situation. You see, I was talking to my dad one evening and he says "So Friday night they are having this thing at the fair grounds with monster trucks. I think the boys would love it. Do you want to go?" I had a bit of a knee jerk reaction and said "Sure"  Later I was thinking in my mind... Hmmm, I could probably use the baby's bedtime as an excuse and send Dad, Chaz and the hubs. Mom and I could hold down the fort and watch a girl movie (for once)  Somewhere in between this conversation with myself and Friday night, I caved. Caved big time.
I figured the baby may just enjoy it and I needed to embrace the fact that I was in fact a boymom. I would choose to enjoy the fun things so I could take a mommy moment for pedi during the not-so-fun-this-is-a-dad-thing things. The baby was a little hesitant.. And yes, I was the genius who wore Toms to a monster truck event.
There was a little meet and greet before the show. So we took every opportunity to put the baby in a tire. This is the only good picture I got of said torture.
This one was all about it. Oh and the "Drive Easy" was the free T-shirt he picked up at the freebie truck. He was all about the free stuff. He is an American. HA!
One of the free items was a Frisbee. So, like the bagillion other people there, we took the Frisbee around and let all the drivers sign it. Chaz thought this was awesome. He patiently stood in line, waited for them to sign and then went in for the kill--the photo op.
As we walked around we continued to torture the baby. He played along at first.
but it took about 3.5 seconds for him to become uncomfortable in whatever situation we put him in.
More signing..
More photo ops.
more things, not free. Note: my sweet daddy walked all around the place to find these should-have-been-free flags and bought them for the boys. He is a wonderful Papa!
Keep on signing, keep on posing.
Next thing I knew the baby wanted the guys to sign his flag. Yes, when we were almost through all the drivers the baby clues in and wants to play. Back in line, back around the arena.
Whatever makes them happy, right?
Like this. Funnel cake! It always makes EVERYONE happy! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Then we see this thing. "Sergeant Smash" Fine to watch, right?? Not in my world. You see, this thing backed up to the stairs and there were all these people going in and out, going on rides. Who wants to do this? The hubs and the boy. Ugh.
And off they went!
On a crazy ride!! This thing raced through the dirt like a man on a mission. If you look closely you can see the hubs--third window, blue shirt. Chaz is just below him on the outside.

Yes, the hubs took a video. It looks like a wicked mix between fun and torture but I assure you Chaz was laughing hysterically. He loved it!!
Then it was time for the trucks to show their stuff. Ear plugs plus fingers make all the difference in the world!!
Or you can try this. It is a little like bathing a cat..
Happy boy! Such a great idea!
Bathing cats..  multiplying,angry cats..
Don't lie.. you do it too!
Once they are locked (like a red light laser beam) they are solid. He LOVE this!!
Not a good picture of me but the boy yelling at the trucks was too good to miss. He was SO pumped!! I am pretty sure he had the most fun of all of us. He actually did not want to go home!
Boymom title is official and I couldn't be any happier. I always wanted a boy but I didn't know I wanted two.. and I sure didn't know how much I would love my two and think they were absolutely perfect! There is nothing like being a boymom.  I mean, I am the only princess in this house and that cannot be disputed, nobody is going to steal my good jeans or my shoes and the hug from a boy to his momma is hands down the best feeling on the planet.

Thanks mom and dad for the awesome night. I am pretty sure my ears still hurt but it was totally worth it!

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