Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ben and Brandon are 5!!! // 6.2013

These sweet kiddos turned five this year. I simply cannot believe it! We had a little party at MahDah's house for their birthday because there were some major scheduling issues around their party (which you will see a little later)
Thanks for the nose pick, Bran. Classic Brandon. HA!!
Sweet Spiderman cake!
First up was Ben. Then it was Brandon's turn. I love that they each get their own birthday song. That is the way it should be. Everyone needs their own song.
Then it was present time!! Or present chaos, whatever you want to call it.
The hubs helping Ben put on his new bike helmet and gloves. Chaz was SOOOOO jealous of these gloves.
 Work it boys, looking good!
 Little shot of the sweet baby. Precious!
In August we regrouped for a party at Fastlanes.
Love the line of kids marching through the place. HA!
Buckle up!
Sure Dane and Campbell.. you are racing too!
They are going THAT fast.....well, not really. My camera just hates to take pictures in this room. I have several posts to prove it.
Present time!
No clue. But I think he is precious.
Cake time!!
And this boy takes those words as a challenge. He is my eater.
Jackson. Love this kid!
Happy Birthday, Ben!
Happy Birthday, Brandon!
Campbell and her cake face.
Still going.....
He loves, loves. loves this game!
The dance game is always a hit!
An amazing amount of tickets were gathered. Freakish.
Happy Birthday, sweet boys! We love you a ton and could not imagine life without you both!

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