Saturday, May 18, 2013

Silver Dollar City // 2013

 What do you do when it is a BEAUTIFUL day and all the cousins have season passes?? You head to Silver Dollar City --seven kids deep.  These kiddos have such a good time together, I knew it would be a great day! (note how good big brother is being to little Dane.. Precious!)
 Of course the pictures I get of him looking cute and smiling are in front of a trashcan. Oh well!!
The big waterball. I was just waiting for one of them to end up in the bowl. Brandon did biff it and get wet but he survived. 
Gotta get measured! I love seeing this for each of the cousin (well I am missing Ben and Brandon, not sure what happened there)
 After measuring, it is roller coaster time!!! I actually think my BIL Mike's face is better than any of the kiddos. He is a riot!!
The baby didn't really know what to think about all the crazies!
These boys are such troopers....or maybe they are just big kids. I think the latter hits it on the nose.
Sweet cousins. They were having so much fun!!
Such hams!
I think he was tired of me taking pictures.. He was pretty clear. HA!!
He got a pretty good nap, thank goodness!!
We caved and let him play a few games early in the day.
And this is how you protect yourself when you are surrounded by short people. Check out my FIL laughing in the background. Classic!
There is a little station like place that has colored sand in large boxes. It is a HUGE mess but the kiddos love it!
Mah took one for the team and rode the carousel with the baby. They make me want to puke so I was very grateful!
You know, sometimes you just can't explain little ones. they do weird things and make you scratch your head.......perfect example.
Campbell is such a ham. She is just a doll Face. She put this pretty flower in her hair and was ready and willing to show it off!
And when they are done being pretty, they decide to be silly. Love her!
Then it was time for the teacups. I went a few times but for the most part, the dads took the heat. Mike, Cameron and Campbell in one cup.
The bigger kiddos in another. They had an absolute blast. You could hear the squeals and screeches from the sidelines. It was hilarious!!
Meg swiped the baby so I could take some pictures.
I have no idea how to explain my hubs... he is goofy, fun and adorable.
And when he stops being a goofball... he is quite the hotty!
The baby couldn't understand why he couldn't ride.
I probably didn't win any popularity contests amongst the parents but the boy was super pumped to play a few more games. He was awesome the entire day so this was his reward.
Even the baby got in on the action!
and he won a monkey.... which has since been destroyed by the dog.

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