Tuesday, April 30, 2013

School Spring Break // April 2013

During the week of Spring Break, Chaz's school had a different field trip each day. There were two that worked with my work schedule and I was able to leave for an hour to join the kiddos. I never knew what might come up so we didn't tell Chaz we were coming. The hubs joined me for these fun little trips. First up, Boingo bounce. we were parked up front and waiting on the kiddos when they got off the bus. Chaz was grinning from ear to ear when he saw us! I love to surprise him!
Then it was time to get rowdy.
The kids were nuts!
Chaz and one of his best friends, James.
A few days later it was time to bowl. Again, we didn't tell him we were coming in case something last minute came up at work (which can easily happen) You can literally see his excitement before he even got off the bus.
I love this picture. Such a sweet moment between the boy and his daddy.
Bless these teachers. I would not have it in me to bring all these kiddos to bowl.
He was so pumped!
He needed to cool off. Good thing there is the little hand-fan.
Even the teachers got in on the fun!
I love this picture of Aiden. He was pumped!
Chaz decided it was more fun the slide and bowl. The kiddos got to play in their socks because everyone decided this would be easier than figuring out shoe sizes. This really lent itself to slide bowlling.
I am afraid they are up to something.
I am so glad his school did this. Such a fun time! I am also so happy they welcomed me and the hubs into the chaos.  Chaz was pretty excited too!

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