Friday, March 29, 2013

School Easter party // 2013

 School parties. I love them. Always have, always will. There is something about seeing kiddos interact with their peers in a fun environment that just makes me smile. I wonder if they do all of this stuff in Kindergarten? If not, this momma is going to be super sad.

We started with the littlest ones. I went in early and helped the teachers "hide" the bagillion eggs so the little ones could hunt.
 Dane wasn't too sure of this at first. 
 But with a little help from momma, he was game.
 100% game. 
Then it was time for the big kids. I don't have as many pictures because I was busy helping them hunt. The teachers did a great job at hiding these and making it really fun for them.
 Chaz just had to get a picture with James. They are buddies!
 and he wanted Aiden to get in the picture too! Love these kiddos!
 I love school parties, LOVE THEM!!! I hope this continues with Kindergarten because I just don't know what I will do! HA!

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