Sunday, September 16, 2012

Elsie's 2nd birthday // 2012

I love this stage of life. I feel like everyone we know and love has a little tike for us to love on! We are constantly surrounded by little ones. We are blessed!!!
This is sweet little Elsie and she turned two this year! I missed her birthday party last year as it fell at the same time as a baby shower for Dane. I was pretty pumped to be able to join this year!
Dane... yes, we "trapped' him in the baby bouncer. Don't judge!
Little Cooper. In defense of my sweet friend, Cooper's sweet momma, he doesn't usually wear socks that are this rockin'  They forgot socks and had to improvise.
One of the triplets.. Yes, I am still struggling to know who is who (Sorry, Kristal!!) I think this is Ryder. They are all so adorably precious!!
Crazy Dane!!

And of course we had to try for a group shot. Really.. yes, we thought we were going to get a good one. HAHAHA!!
And then it was time for cake!!
and silliness!
Goofy kid with some help from his goofy dad!
And then presents. My camera died after this so I didn't get but one of these... Oh well, I got some of the most important-- playing, group shot, cake, presents!!
Happy birthday, sweet girl! You are a precious little gal!!

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