Sunday, November 25, 2012

SDC November // 2012

It was unseasonably warm in November so we headed to Silver Dollar City to celebrate this guy!
His birthday fell the day before Thanksgiving so it worked out really well that we were all able to go and enjoy the day.
Dane was having a blast. He loves to wave and talk to people so this was a perfect spot for Mr. Social.
Well, he was happy until his daddy decided to put in on the rides. He wasn't very happy.
REALLY not happy!
Once he was off the ride he was happy as a clam with his bottle!
Chaz loves the rides. He was super excited to get to pick what he wanted to do!
This little guy was so stinkin' tired but he just couldn't give up the people watching. He did finally crash but it was not without a good fight!
Yes, these three rode together. Hilarious. The fact that Cameron had to sit sideways made me giggle. It was a riot!
Map boy. I tell ya, everywhere we go, he owns the map.
The kids were in the best moods and simple so well behaved. It was a great day!
The husbands were going to go ride some ride so Marcy and I decided to let the kids run like crazy. There was a great little spot and they decided it was perfect for racing. We tried our best to run all the energy out of them!
We went and watched the Frosty the Snowman show.  The kids loved it!
Last stop was the ball shooter place. I have no idea what it is really called but if you have been to SDC, you know exactly what I am talking about.  I think the kiddos could spend and entire day in this place. It is awesome!
The kids had a great day! We watched the amazing Christmas tree light show and then headed to Steak-N-Shake for dinner. What a fantastic day!!
SOOOOOOOOO much better then our trip, or specifically the END of our trip, last year. I am so glad we were able to erase that memory.. Well, to be fair it will never really go away but at least we now have a good one.

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