Monday, November 5, 2012

Chaz's first bike ride // November 2012

I should have let him so this sooner. I should have been brave for him. Instead, I waited and waited until I thought maybe he wouldn't break anything. Momma learning, let them fly... or ride their bike without training wheels, as it was in this case. I must remember he is amazing. I must remember he doesn't have fear. I must remember he has his momma's balance (thank goodness!!)

He did a great job. He wasn't scared at all. He knew he had to wear his helmet, knee pads and elbow pads.
His daddy was right there with him to make sure he didn't totally biff it.
He did it. The.first.time. AMAZING!!!
You will notice the end of the video shows his stopping skills, or lack there of. We were so focused on making sure he was balanced and properly protected, we kinda forgot to teach him how to stop.
I am pretty sure, if it weren't for his Momma's fear, he would have mastered this skill six months ago.  Again, major learning.
I am SO very proud of this little guy. Awesome job!!

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