Thursday, September 6, 2012

Vacation 2012 // Part 3

My last vacation post ended as if it was the end of our vacation... Well, it wasn't. Somehow I forgot the pictures from our ride home. Oopsie!!
We decided to stop by Meramec Caverns and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised.  It was August so we weren't quite prepared for the cool temp of the cave. After a quick stop in the gift shop, we were all set! Dane was pretty excited!
And the cave was beautiful!!
This is our sad attempt at a family photo. It is simply too funny not to share. Love these boys!!
Chaz thought the cave was very cool. He repeated stalactites and stalagmites over and over and over.
He was not super excited to have his picture taken. Yes, that is his "happy face" for the moment. Please notice the "FRI" sticker on his sweatshirt. The gift shop makes you put this on your shirts in order to show proof of purchase. I guess people go into the shop and just "borrow" a sweatshirt to tour the cave. Hilarious and redneck, I say! Oh and yes, that is a ring-pop in his hand. I had to bribe him a little in order not to carry him through the entire cave -- which I think we did anyway. Score one for the little guy!
Trying to get the baby to sleep. THAT is a fun thing to do in the middle of a COLD cave.
"Momma, can you take a picture of my ring-pop???" 
Way back in the cave they had some awesome light shows. These pictures simply don't do it justice.
Absolutely beautiful work of nature!!
"Momma, I found my happy face. Wanna take a picture?!?!?"
"Momma, I wanna touch the rocks." We later learned you were not suppose to do this. Oopsie!
After eating a rather interesting lunch at the caverns, I don't suggest eating at the cavern, we ventured onto the panning area. Baby boy got a somewhat decent nap and was a happy little fellow!
When we got up to the panning area the hubs noticed you could purchase a bag of "dirt" to pan through. I was reluctant to do this as I thought it was a total waste. Not to be a party pooper but I really didn't want to spend ten bucks on a bag of dirt and get one pebble of fools gold. BUT how can you turn down this excited face. Yep, I'm a sucker for this little guy!
Insert $10 bag of dirt.
Happy little boy, panning away!
We have rocks!
Well actually, we have a ton of rocks. Chaz was stoked. I was a little impressed with the amount of rocks that were in the bag of dirt. They were clearly planted as part of the tourist experience. We may or may not have purchased a second bag of dirt. Yes, we are all suckers for this little guy!
Even the baby got in on the action! My dad assured me that Dane was not going to get wet. I quickly informed him that I didn't believe him.
I win!
At the top of the panning area there was a waterfall, Dane was mesmerized and continued to get very, very wet!
I really think he just wanted to go swimming.
By the end of the panning, Chaz was done. I mean seriously, tired from panning? But yes, he was d.o.n.e. I love this picture for several reasons 1) I can probably count the number of pictures taken of me over the course of a year and this gets to be one of them 2) Nobody is happy to be with the lady who brought them into this world 3) watching me climb onto the metal animal (which you cannot see in this picture) was comical and I am glad there aren't any pictures of that!!
And since I wasn't smart enough to insert these few pictures in the proper sequential order on the blog, you get them now.  Chaz got some new shoes while shopping at the outlet mall. Socks not included in the purchase.
If you follow me, you know the Ice Cream truck is a favorite at our local mall... so you can only imagine how excited Chaz was when he discovered there was one in Texas. "Momma, they have ice cream trucks in TEXAS!!!"
And this is what happens when we get home. PILES of clothes! I am SO glad I take the Monday after vacation off work, genius!
NOW this is the end of the vacation blogs. As mentioned before, I am taking solid suggestions for places within 6 hours of NWA with a large amount of kiddo activities...we will do it again next year!! I love making memories like this!

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