Sunday, September 30, 2012

Labor day // 2012

As usual, we spent Labor Day weekend at my parent's house. There really is nothing better than family, friends, pool time, good food and drinks. I love holiday weekends!!!
Chaz is in a ornery stage. I mean he is almost five, I think it is pretty standard. When I am at my whits end, Papa tends to step in. As it was when we were little, daddy doesn't really have to say much to make you listen.  Perfect example: I put Chaz in timeout for spraying people in the face with a water gun (this is a rule and he deliberately broke it.. what devil man made water guns anyway?? The same one who made Play-doh is my guess!) Anyway, he kept getting out of timeout, until this happened, dad just sat there, no words needed. Chaz stayed put until timeout was over and was on good behavior from this point forward. Thanks Dad!!!
The hubs kickin' it with the baby.
A refreshing break with Gaga.
 My cousin has some super sweet friends who often celebrate events with us. Their sweet niece, Braylee, also joined us for some fun in the sun.
Kenny and Chaz became quick friends. I think they did this trick nothing short of 50 times. Poor Kenny!
Even the baby likes the water guns! I'm doomed.
Yes, the Hubs is 34 and probably shouldn't be doing this... But he survived, barely.
Danger! Danger!
God love this child. He really is an amazing little guy!!
He learned to dive this weekend. I was very impressed!!
Sweet Braylee, workin' it for the camera.
Yeah buddy, I am pretty sure you are a little too big for that floaty.
The baby whisperer. She is great with the kiddos and they love her too!
Silly, happy, goofy, funny little boy!

We also decided to celebrate some late birthdays. We missed some due to vacations but we NEVER totally miss celebrating birthdays. They may be late but we will get to them. We celebrated Alexis, Meme and Aunt Sandra. First up, Alexis. I don't really get this cake but she was SO happy and very impressed so I guess it hit the mark!
Meme and Sandra got the combo cake. Their birthdays are just a day apart, so it seems appropriate that they share a cake
I love this lady to the moon and back. She turned 86 this year and doesn't act a day over 21 (had to make her 21 at least because she loves her colored water!) She is spunky, fun and always positive. Her outlook on life is inspiring to say the least!
I don't remember why she got a fly swatter for her birthday but I think it talks and she thought it was funny. Enough said.
Aunt Sandra loves owls but hates to have her picture taken. I do always seem to catch a shot of her on her birthday. Love you!!
Great weekend with family and friends!

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