Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Gettin' cultured.

One rainy, Sunday afternoon we decided to head out to our local museum with the boys. Not sure if you have watched your local news but this place has been opened for a while and I am not sure why we haven't visited it before.. Oh wait, we have two small kiddos. Yep, that is why. Well, I guess we were feeling adventurous and decided to give it a shot. It was a very last minute decision, as you will gather from our rockin' attire. Chaz was super excited and the Hubs and I had no clue what to expect.
From the moment we rounded the corner, Chaz was pumped. I mean, where else can you come out of the trail in the woods and see a GIANT silver tree. Pretty cool, huh?
This is far less exciting but Chaz made me take a picture. I think he was just soaking it all in.
He really loved all the windows and fancy bridges. Every few minutes he would turn around and say "Take a picture, Momma!!"
Even the elevator was exciting!
This one was a little bit underwhelmed.
Oddly, about 3 steps in the door was probably his favorite part. He was amazed by the HUGE windows.
Finally getting a little excited. Or actually, I think he just thought I was going to get him out of the stroller. HA!
Chaz was in charge of the map. This seems to be a common theme.. museums, zoos, etc.
Some of my favorite pictures to date. Is he just yummy or what??!?!
The one picture  I took of "art." He is cute, weird and creepy all at the same time..Needless to say, the boys were not fans of Mr. Pinocchio
He made it through the museum without falling asleep. I was thoroughly impressed.. BUT by the time we hit the parking lot, he was fading fast.
The funniest part of the trip was what we purchased in the gift store. Did we purchase something totally unique to the museum? Not really. Did we pick some interesting print of a painting or a book to learn more? Umm, not so much. Did we purchase anything that had anything to do with the museum, gettin' cultured or had any bit of education? Yeah.......no.

Although it took us FOREVER in the gift shop, our purchases were really nothing to brag about. The boy, well he picked out some glowing finger lights. Can you purchase these are the dollar store? Yep. Did we pay 5 times the regular price? Sure did. Was he happier then a clam? Yes, sir!!
And me? I purchased this ever so adorable contact lens case. Yes, a contact lens case. I may or may not have this pinned on Pinterest somewhere.. and I never thought I would really see it in person. It would have taken FAR too much effort to order it online so when I saw it, I just had to have it. The Hubs thought I had literally lost my mind but I was able to convince him he really needed to purchase it for me. I felt like I was twelve and on vacation with my parents. I used to get a T-shirt, drinking glass, beach towel or something of the sort at every single place we stopped. Gas station, restaurant, tourist shop, etc. It drove my brother insane!
I heart gettin' cultured. Next time maybe it won't be rainy and we will explore the outside space. Yeah!!

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