Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dane 11 Months // September 2012

The task of getting monthly pictures of an ever moving little boy has grown more and more difficult as the months have passed. This month was no different.
Thank goodness for this one, isn't he just a doll face??
Sometimes his brother wants in the pictures and sometimes he doesn't. This month not only did he want to be in the picture, he wanted to have his painted toolbox in the picture as well. He INSISTED on doing this and was not backing down. Some days you have to pick your battles. He won.
He did humor me for a moment and put down the toolbox. I guess we both win.
Dane is still a tiny little bit (10th percentile on height and weight) but he has some chubby features. He has some yummy chubby cheeks and sweet chubby thighs.
He is fully walking (he did this 2 days before he turned 11 months old -- same as his brother) He says Momma, Dadda, Gaga, Papa, Chaz (Cha) Kyle (Ky) Spike (Spi) Star (Tar) Bye-Bye, Hi, ball, dog, dah, mo (milk) bo (bottle) and nigh nigh. 
Always waving "Hi" and "Bye-Bye"  This can be at the right time or simply all the time. Usually when we are in a store, he says it to every person he sees. He is so super friendly!!
 He currently has 6 teeth (4 top, 2 bottom) loves to eat and weighs 19lbs. He is a happy baby but a terrible sleeper. He sleeps through the night a handful of times a month. It makes for some cranky parents! 
I love this picture.. Because my boys are normal....boys. As soon as Dane started moving, Chaz started messing with him. He will hang onto his legs to make him fall or just to make him mad. This was in the middle of me telling Chaz he was about to lose a toy because of his actions. THIS is our normal life.
This was probably the first time he ever noticed Fester. He was shocked and amazed by this "thing" in the corner.

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