Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Car wash Hill style

Yes, I am behind as this is actually from JULY. Whatever.

Anyways, the Hubs decided he wanted to go old school and wash his car in the driveway. Well, when you have a water hose, you get help. Chaz was super pumped to help his daddy was his car. I think the Hubs actually thought this was going to be a very productive event.
Ummmmmmmm, not with a four year-old. Why wouldn't you sit in the wash bucket? BAHAHA!
Why wouldn't you spray yourself in the head?
 Why wouldn't you spray daddy in the face??
Why wouldn't you put the hose in daddy's shorts? Look at that little mischievous face!
It was over 100 degrees so Dane and I hung out in the garage, in the shade.
with a fan...
He was perfectly fine with this little plan.

The Hubs tried to get the task back on track. He tried to teach the boy how to really clean a car. Yeah, good luck with that.
Well, sort of. You see, the Hubs is not the best about leading by example.
Little worker bee was ready for the task. Don't be fooled, this didn't last long.
Soon he was back to his crazy self. Really it was just a mini water park to him
This is his thinking face
Chaz told me he had a magic trick...
not sure it is "magic" but still a good trick.
And then he was done. fan,  iPhone and movie time.
This is totally random but while Ryan was cleaning the car, I was working to reorganize our garage. In doing this, I realized the Christmas tradition of an ice scraper in the stocking may have gotten a little out of hand. Just a little observation

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