Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dane 10 months // August 2012

As I write this I realize, again, I am really behind on my blog. Ugh! I simply cannot get caught up. Point in case, my son is actually ELEVEN months old as I write his ten month post. Maybe it is his fault I can't get caught up?? Yep, that is my story. I am going to blame it on the baby. Thank goodness he is cute!

So we begin, my little guy is ten months old. I honestly have no clue where the past ten months went. I know it is so cliche but I feel like it was just a few days ago that I had him. "Time flies" just doesn't work her. "Time warps?" Yes, that will do it.

He is a mover. Really, a mover. He never sits still. Even to hold him is simply exhausting.
I spent the majority of this shoot pushing his back into the chair and hoping he wasn't going to come crashing into my lap. He looks like a GIANT compared to his monkey. Check him out at one month. WOW!
He is almost always smiling and it is simply infectious! He gained two more top teeth this month. He is up to a grand total of six.
His eyes are blue and will most likely remain that way. They say this is set at six months. Chaz has beautiful blue eyes! The Hubs and I do too. I think it is a done deal.
Instead of laughing, which he only does if he is being tickled or his brother is showing out, he does a noise that really just sounds like he has had the breath knocked out of him. It is hilarious!
That would be the Hubs strong-arming him back into the chair. I think this picture is awesome. We don't take ourselves to seriously around here. Take that kid!
Baby boy weighs in around 19 lbs now. Yep, still kickin' it in the 10th percentile for height and weight. He eats like a cow so I know it will all even out. The day he turned ten months we noticed his school sheet said he had spaghetti for lunch, TWO HELPINGS. Wow. This boy can eat!!

This past month he started standing on his own. No holding onto walls, toys or mommy. All by himself! he took his first step in my closet but I was so excited I shrieked and he fell to his bottom. The next several steps were taken at school and then more at my folks house. I think the most so far is around seven! Chaz walked 100% at eleven months and one week. I think they will be spot on.
Always on the go! I just love this little bit! Thank you Jesus for answering our prayers and exceeding my expectations. This little boy is everything I asked for and more. With my three boys, I am truly blessed.

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