Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dane // 8 months // June 2012

8 months! I swear his life so far has gone by so much faster than Chaz's did. I am not sure why. Maybe it is because I am splitting my attention, not focused on one growing little boy but instead two! Either way, he is amazing. This baby is still the happiest little camper. He cries about once a week, max. And it may last for about 10 seconds, no lie.

Sleeping: Well, we are working on that. He is much better than he used to be. He goes to bed around 7:30 and wakes about 6:30. Which is great! The issue is, he doesn't always stay down. We go a week or so with great sleep and then like a freight train it hits us and he is up 3 days in a row. Ugh. I am blessed with a wonderful husband, who doesn't require much sleep. Most of the time (99%) he gets up with him when he wakes. To be fair, this was my role for a solid 4 months so I only feel somewhat empathetic. I am still very grateful to him.

Moving: He is a mover. He exhausts me but keeps me active. He doesn't really like to "really" crawl but instead tends to army crawl. He likes to do it his way. I asked the doc about this and he assures me the boy is fine. He said he knows how to crawl the real way so that is ok. When he moves, he moves fast. One afternoon I was in his room putting away laundry, he was on the floor playing--all normal activities. Then all of the sudden I see him bust it to the right, unscrew the doorstop from the wall and take off the plastic topped. Time lapse? 9 seconds, max. Freakishly fast. And with all this moving. Our 8 month "photoshoot" was a wee bit complicated. I decided to shoot it as is, because this is our life. Enjoy!

Brother: Brother loves this little boy. He often translates what Dane is saying for us. So very helpful! Some examples "Dane said he loves us." "Dane said he wants to go to Target to get me a toy" "Dane said he is hungry" "Dane said he has poop in his pants" Good thing we have this big brother around, what would I do? I would obviously not know that we needed to go to Target and buy Chaz a toy. Who knew? Chaz loves to help with the monthly pictures and always wants to be in the pictures. This day was no different.
but more than anything else. He just really, really loves this baby.
Eating: We stopped nursing this past month. It had become increasingly difficult to maintain my supply while working full-time. And he now has 4 teeth. Enough said. I figured I made it to 7 months and that was really good. I had decided I would not abuse myself as I did with Chaz (I lasted 11 months with Chaz but it was rough) He took to formula fairly easily. He likes it very warm but other than that, he is good. He is able to hold his bottle all by himself and actually would rather you not try to help him.  He is able to hand feed himself some of his food -- puffs, crackers, small bites of food. He got his 3rd and 4th teeth this month. Now we have the top two and bottom two. I call him Strahan because his top teeth have a GIANT gap like NFL superstar Michael Strahan. Strahan is a Superbowl champ so maybe that is a sign :) Chaz had the same teeth and his are perfect now. I'm not too concerned. Plus they are just so stikin' cute!

Still on food: He started eating real food this month. Oddly enough, his school introduced real food before I did. He took to it like a duck to water. First up was some cheesy bread, two helpings! Then chicken bites and green beans, gone in a second. Spaghetti anyone?? Yep, and he had a second helping.  Chaz was a great eater at this time (that was until a year and a half, at that point he hit a wall and still eats like a bird) I am excited that Dane came out of the gate like this, I hope he keeps it up!
Funny: Everything is funny, but nothing compares to brother. Chaz can make this baby belly laugh like nobody else.
Climber. Yes, he keeps me on my toes.
And yes, he can stand. He actually can stand for a long time. He cruses from chair to ottoman to toy and back. He loves to pull up on any and everything. He stands in his crib which is so cute to walk in on!
We did discover this month that Dane has very bad eczema. We have to put prescription lotion on him to curb the itchy spots. Again, he handles it like a champ!

Despite all the eating mentioned above he is still hanging out in the 10 percentile for height and weight. His brother was there too and is now a tall almost five year-old. I'm not too terribly worried about it.  He weighs 15.5lbs. Maybe it is all that moving he does that keeps him slim!
Happy eight months little buddy! We love you to the moon and back!

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