Thursday, June 14, 2012

Daddy day // 2012

You know I am very fond of my Hubs and my Popsicle. They are amazing men and awesome fathers! I am so glad my boys have these wonderful men in their lives. What a blessing!

I struggled with what to get the Hubs for Fathers Day. I could have Chaz paint him something, I could get him a golf shirt or another wallet, I could by him something else that may just be just another gift. But I thought about this long and hard and came up with a Father's day photo book. I know it sounds a little cheesy but it turned out awesome! I will do a separate post on that. I do have a teaser that will make you giggle. At the end of the book I had a great page to close and I wanted to do pictures of both boys that were very recent. I wanted them to hold signs that when put together said "We love Daddy."

I don't know that I was ready for what I was about to do. Let me start by saying I spent a month on this book and then I stopped for a week. All of the sudden I remember I totally forgot to do the last picture and to order it!!! What the heck was wrong with me?!?! We were having friends over for dinner that night so as soon as Ryan got home with the boys, I shoved him out the door on a beer run and plopped the boys on the bed. My time was very limited. I didn't have time to change them or to fully clean the Kool-Aid stain on the older boy's lip. Good grief! I was yelling "Smile!!" "Smiiiiiiilllllllle, look here, please, please look up, no over here, please, stop rolling, stop pulling on your brother, Dane--over here buddy,!"  And I give you the preview, totally unedited...

I think I shed some tears of laughter with those. I took a ton, remember I only needed 4, and prayed for 4 of them to turn out. Again, that is another post.

That weekend we headed to my parents house to enjoy Father's day with my Popsicle (we were celebrating Jim the next weekend.) When I woke up Father's day morning I came outside to this. Dad and Chaz were making a ship. I soon learned that this started with paper airplanes and soon turned into an aircraft carrier. Dad said Chaz had a few airplanes and then asked for tape, scissors and some pens. I'm glad my dad is such a good sport! This lasted hours, seriously hours.

Dad also made little people. I mean, what aircraft carrier doesn't have people. He made Gaga, Papa, Daddy, Mommy, Dane and Chaz. Nice work pops!
Those? Those are cats. Yes, cats. Who knew dad was a master of paper skills. Chaz asked for three cats, and he got three cats.
The ship was reworked several times. It had flags and houses and people and tents and cats and so much other stuff I can't even remember. It was a heck of a ship!
Goofy kiddo!
Lisa and Shane were there, which was nice, and she was so entertaining for Dane.
Chaz got a ton of Daddy time in the pool!
He was brave enough to go outside the rope, where he couldn't touch, without a life-jacket..
and he says, he bailed!
Yes all the sudden, on this day, my child decides he can swim. So proud!!

All the way to the deep end. He was a swimming fool with zero fear!
Well, maybe a fear of my camera. "Momma, stop"
Dane got some Daddy time too!
But if Dane is around, Chaz is not too far away!
Goofy kiddo!
Momma even got some sweet time with her two boys. They won't let me hold just one of them!
More swimming!
We love to throw them. Yes, it is a good time!
Fun times with Momma and Daddy!
I remember doing this to my dad, my cousins, my uncle, my brother, my brother's friends and any other poor sap that ended up in the pool with me. I guess it was my turn!
A short break from the pool to open presents. Ryan LOVED his book. I was so very proud of myself :)
Daddy was very pleased with his card and a few new shirts. He really wanted some new dry fit golf shirts.
The baby was done with swimming so he ended up on Meme's lap. She loves to hang out with this little bundle.
Back in the pool Yes, this is how we treat the man of the house on Father's day. Again, such a good sport.

And then the war was on. I just sat back, camera in hand, and laughed. It was such a fun few hours spent in the pool with the wonderful guys and my wonderful little guys.
After we cleaned up, it was time for dinner. Dane is always a fan of Daddy's sweet tea.

It was a wonderful, relaxing day. I enjoyed both my Popsicle and the Hubs. They are both awesome dads! We love you both so much!

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