Tuesday, May 8, 2012

She's about to POP

My friend Christen is having a little girl at the end of May. Actually, she is due the 21st but I am betting on the 18th. I'll keep you posted.

Anyways, a couple of girlfriends and I got together to throw her a little shower. She is doing peacock theme in the baby's room so two key colors are purple and teal. LOVE the combo. She is a sassy little momma so I made this sign for the room.
This would be a little bit of Pinterest. I love me some Pinterest! The original design is a sock for the hat, a diaper for the body and a washcloth for the blanket. However, I couldn't find any good color washcloths so I opted for a sock for the hat and the other sock for the blanket. Turned out pretty cute, huh?
The theme was "She is about to POP!" We added to it with lolliPOP, POPcorn, blowPOPs, etc.. Too cute!
Beautiful peacock cupcakes!
a little more Pinterest.. Yep, DumDum tree. I will tell anyone who is going to try this--LOTS of DumDums and counter weights. But it is stinkin' adorable!!
The crew!
This little fella's eyes were multi-colored with a little help of a four year-old.
Sweet little baby booties!!
Pretty momma!
How adorable is this elephant? I LOVE it!!!
This dress was so adorable she got two!
Sweet friends!!
Pretty momma. As she says "Yep, about to pop!" I think she is simply precious!!
more sweet friend!
Happy shower sweet momma!! I can't wait to love on your sweet little girl. I may or may not have a cute little boyfriend for her! Love ya!

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