Sunday, May 27, 2012

Momma's day // 2012

My greatest joy in life is being a momma. I'm serious. Stop laughing.. I mean, I have my days and I am pretty sure my 4 year old is working on his teenage attitude and the baby has decided that he no longer likes to sleep through the night (we are hoping it is just a growth spurt!!) but I love these boys! They make my life so rich, so full. The certainly keep me on my toes and are forever sharpening my momma skills. Chaz is very clear that included in those momma skills are my puzzle doing abilities. He says he gets his from me.

The boys school is always so good at making little gifts for Mother's and Father's day. This year I got this. How stinkin' cute is that?!?!
That weekend we headed to Mom and Dad's to spend time with the family. Dad was out of the country so I had to make sure mom was treated to a wonderful Mother's day. It was pretty easy when we are surrounded by such good family and anytime I bring the kiddos to her, she is a happy camper. He did manage (with a little help from his son-in-law) to send some beautiful flowers to my momma.

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner and then retreated to the back porch for some family time. 
Chaz was very helpful in opening every one's gifts. He drew all the mommas a picture. Gaga loved hers!
He was also sweet enough to sign his and Dane's name to every card.

Ryan and Chaz managed to be just as normal as usual.......weirdos!
We had already put Dane to bed but Chaz was very clear that the presents were from both of them. I actually got two of these (identical) because Chaz wanted me to have one for each of my boys. How stinkin' sweet is that?
Getting a hug from his is like wrestling an alligator sometimes but it is always worth the effort!

Meme got some yard art.. classic!
and tried her best to wrestle a hug out of my alligator.
Aunt Sandra didn't want her picture taken (as usual) so this was the best that I could do. Owl face.
I would be remiss if didn't mention the neon pink thing you keep seeing in the background.. Yep, our athlete, Kelsey, broke her ankle. Although there is no "good time" for this to happen...She is pretty bummed about it coming at the start of summer and right before a softball tournament but she is handling it like a champ. The update since Mother's day is that she healed!! The doctor was amazed at her quick recovery.
She was sweet enough to save a spot for Chaz to sign her cast. Right there in the middle and of course he had to do it with different colors. Always the artist.
He also signed Dane's name for him. He told me "Dane is a baby and doesn't know how to I'll just take care of it"
We had to retreat inside as the pollen was so bad, it was taking several of us down.
Random picture of my Uncle Gayle, I know. But what a great picture. I couldn't help but post it!
My momma and me (sans make-up) She is probably going to kill me for posting this but I just think she is precious and needed a picture of my momma and me on Mother's day. It was a must!!!
The next morning I got up with the kids, well sort of. They were up and I was part of the couch.
but they are so darn cute, I don't mind being their couch.
Once we were cleaned up and home, I asked Ryan to wield the camera and take some pictures of me and my boys. I mean, it is Mother's day.. I should at least be in a couple of pictures!! They came out pretty good, even with a squirmy 4 year-old!

 Man, I love these boys. They are the most precious gift I have ever received... well, a "gift" that took A LOT of effort to get into this world (both physically and emotionally) but a gift nonetheless. They make my life worth living, more exciting, more exhausting, funnier, richer, more rewarding and most of all FILLED with love!!
Happy Mother's Day to all you mommas out there (or Dads who are playing both roles!) Our paychecks may be minimal (or $0, whatever) but there is nothing better than this job we call motherhood. To my momma, you are the best mom a girl could ask for. You are not only my mom, you are one of my best friends. I could not imagine life without you. And to all the other moms in my life (Meme, Aunts, cousins, Mother-in-law, sister-in laws, friends, etc) you are amazing women. Thank you for surrounding me with wisdom and support, I couldn't do this without all of you!!!

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