Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dane // 7 months // May 2012

I say it every month but I really cannot believe how fast this little boy is growing. Seven months??? Wow! He is still a wonderful baby. I am just waiting for that statement to bite me in the butt but so far so good. He is so calm and just goes with the flow at all times. I think he may cry once a week. Seriously. 

Over the past month we have had quite a few milestones. He got his first hit of pink eye, 103 fever and double ruptured eardrums (twice!!) Of course he took it all like a champ. He started sitting up all on his own. So much so that I don't freak out when I sit him down. Now sometimes he gets really excited and falls over but nothing that hurts him. He has also started to try crawling. He does the army crawl and can move really fast.. too fast!! Then he will stop and put his butt in the air. He hasn't quite mastered the combo of the two. 

He is weighing in at 14lbs, 4 oz and is 25 1/2 long. He is in the 10th percentile for  his weight but the doc says that is ok as he is trending right alone the growth curve. Chaz was the same way so I am ok with it. 

He has mastered all mushy food and is eager to start using a spoon. He tries all the time! He has started eating puffs. Which is great because he finally has something to snack on. We started introducing formula into his diet. I figure I will start trying to wean him sometime in the next few months so I may as well get him to like something other than breast milk.  With this last introduction he has developed a yucky rash. It is on his belly, back and the "knee pits" (as I coined them years ago.) We are going to see if they start to fade, otherwise we are off to the doc. We shall see!

I noticed my last few "month" posts I totally forgot to put in the monkey. Well here he is, getting man handled by the boy. This monkey doesn't stand a chance. 
This month we have had two teeth pop through. First was his bottom left (5/2) and then 3 days later the bottom right (5/5) One of them is super sharp. I don't remember Chaz's being so stinkin' sharp!
As assumed he likes to chew on everything!
Poor monkey...welcome back to the photo shoots!
This was just as hard as you can imagine. To get a picture of a seven month old's teeth is virtually impossible. So this is what you get! Those two little white dots at the bottom of his tongue. Yep, that is them!

but somewhere in the million tries, I got this picture that shows just how beautiful his eyes are. Amazing!!
He has grown to be super active and incredibly wiggly. We had our first dropping by the brother. I was at work and Ryan had just gotten home with the boys. Chaz has been told several times that he is not allowed to pick up his brother but he is four and listening isn't at the top of his skill list. Anyways, the story (as told by the older child.. Chaz, not Ryan) is that he was trying very gently to move his brother and he tripped.. and then Dane cried. Ryan said he rushed into the living room and found two wailing boys. They were both very upset. I think Chaz told me 50 times that it was an accident, not a "purpose." Well, at least we have a story for when he gets older. And heck, my brother dropped me on my head and I am ok.. sort of!

Speaking of wiggly, it is becoming increasingly hard to get a picture of this boy. He wants to move!

What a mess!!!!
a mess with cute little feet!!
Little brother, we love you so very much! I count my blessings each day that God gave me with another sweet little boy. Not only are you sweet, adorable and funny, you are just an awesome kiddo!!  I can't wait to see what the next month brings. I have a feeling the next post will involve more teeth and lots of crawling. Look out world!!

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